News recap – Bitesize story summaries from over the past week – 15/11-22/11

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Earthquake and tsunami in Japan

News recap

Following on from the 7.9 and 6.3 earthquakes in New Zealand last week, on the 22nd of November at 6am local time, Japan was struck by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake. The earthquake struck northern Japan, not far from Fukishima. This was almost the same location that an earthquake and subsequent tsunami killed 20,000 people four years ago. For several hours after the initial disaster, the region was put on tsunami alert.

Approximately an hour after the earthquake, a small tsunami flowed inland and up the Suna’oshi River in Tagajo, almost bursting its banks. Tagajo was one of the cities devastated by the events in 2011. Video of a meteorite streaking across the skies of Japan was also captured at roughly the same time as the earthquake and tsunami.

Officer charged in the Philando Castile shooting

Jeronimo Yanez Philando Castile soapbox

Officer Jeronimo Yanez has been charged in the shooting and death of Philando Castile. The prosecutor said that Yanez will face three felony counts that include second degree manslaughter. He went onto to say; “No reasonable officer” would have found deadly force necessary in that situation.

Officer Yanez shot Philando Castile seven times as Castile was reportedly reaching for his identification after informing the officer that he was carrying a legal firearm. The incident went viral after Philando Castile’s girlfriend live streamed a video of him bleeding to death while Offcer Yanez held them at gunpoint.

UKIP under investigation for misuse of EU funding.

UKIP soapbox

UKIP – The United Kingdom Independence Party – is currently being investigated by the Electoral Commission. The investigation comes after allegations that the political party misspent EU funding whilst trying to win the Brexit vote and boost its chances in the national election. The investigation will look into whether UKIP accepted “impermissible donations” from the European political party the Alliance for Democracy in Europe.

The allegations arose following an audit compiled for the European Parliament Bureau stated that UKIP misspent nearly £400,000 to fund its own electioneering and to boost its Brexit campaign. Essentially, did UKIP use money derived from the EU to try sway the voters to leave the EU.

UKIP rose to fame under the leadership of Nigel Farage. The outspoken politician was a key member in the Brexit vote to leave the European Union.

Donald Trump suggests UK ambassador to the US. UK says no.


President Elect Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to state that he would like to see UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, be appointed as the Great British ambassador to the United States.

During an interview with Sky News, Farage said he was “flattered”. He was asked if he was suited for the role and responded; “The world has changed. I would like to play a positive role in relations between our two countries.”

A spokesman for 10 Downing Street said that there was “no vacancy for an ambassador to the United States”. Farage has also expressed an interest in being Donald Trump’s ambassador to Europe and has offered to act as an intermediary between the Trump Presidency and the UK Government. Nigel Farage assisted Trump during his presidential campaign and his influence helped Trump with several debates and interviews.

In other Trump news, Donald Trump will pay $25 million to settle the Trump University fraud cases. The class-action lawsuit alleged that students were deceived over the program’s content and pressed to spend money with high-pressure sales schemes.

Ruling in the cryogenically freezing case

frozen girl soapbox

In the last week, a London judge ruled in favour of a terminally ill 14 year old girl who wished to be cryogenically frozen. The girl was in the centre of a historic High Court battle to allow her mother to have sole responsibility of the disposal of her body. The girl wished to be cryogenically after her death, in the hopes that someday she would be resuscitated and cured of her rare form of cancer.

A court ruling was necessary because her divorced parents were in disagreement over whether her body should be cryogenically frozen or not.

Kanye West cancels Saint Pablo Tour and is hospitalised


Rapper and celebrity Kanye West has cancelled the rest of his Saint Pablo Tour and was hospitalised after suffering a “psychotic break.” His wife, reality TV personality, Kim Kardashian cancelled an event to be by his bedside.

TMZ reported that sources close to West/Kardashian said that Kanye West was known to stay up and work for 48 hours at a time. His “psychotic break” has been linked to his sleep deprivation as well as a bizarre rant aimed at Jay Z, Beyoncé, Mark Zuckerberg and Hilary Clinton. Kanye West officially cancelled the remaining 22 dates of the US leg of his Saint Pablo Tour and is reported to lose in excess of $10 million for the cancellation.

Google bans fake news


Google announced last week that it is banning fake news sites from using its ad network – Google Adsense. The firms new policy will limit revenue streams to pages that offer up factually incorrect and erroneous content as actual news.

Historically, tech firms like Facebook and Google were heavily criticised for failing to prevent viral hoax new stories from trending their way into actual news feeds. A few cases of this were seen during the recent US presidential elections.

MacDonald’s new Nutella sandwich


Macdonald’s is now offering Nutella sandwiches in branches across Italy. The has been no word from the fast food chain if they will extend the offering to other countries just yet.



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