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Berlin Christmas Lorry ‘attack’

News recap

At least 12 people have been killed in Berlin after a lorry drove through a crowded Christmas market. The incident has been labelled a possible terror attack with around 50 other people injured (several of them critical). The ‘attack’ took place at Breitscheidplatz, near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in central Berlin.

Police apprehended the suspected driver nearby. Witnesses reported the that the truck was “going through people” and “had no signs of slowing down.” German interior minister Thomas de Maiziere said there were many signs it was an attack.

The incident is reminiscent of the terror attack in Nice in July 2016 in which 86 people were killed.

FIFA fine England, Scotland and Wales for wearing poppies during a game. FA to appeal

The Football Association says it is planning to appeal against a fine handed down by FIFA after England players wore poppies on this shirts. The Scottish FA were also punished for a similar action by its team in the same game.

England was fined £35,000 for several incidents that included displaying a “political symbol and several cases of spectator misconduct”. Scotland was fined £15,000 for the offense while Wales and Northern Ireland were fined £15,000 and £12,000 respectively.

Vinyl record boom

Two weeks ago, the UK spent more money on vinyl record albums (£2.4 million) than on digital album downloads (£2.1 million) for the first time ever.

IMF chief guilty of negligence but avoids jail

Christine Lagarde, the chief of the International Monetary Fund was found guilty of criminal negligence. Lagarde was found to be at fault over her decision to allow a private arbitration panel to resolve a dispute over the sale of the Adidas sports brand to Credit Lyonnais bank, rather than the courts, and then failing to challenge the pay-out.

Even though she could have faced up to a year in prison, the IMF board has said that Christine Lagarde will remain the managing director despite the negligence conviction.

Dual bombings outside the Vodafone Arena in Istanbul

The concurrent attacks killed 29 people and injured 166 more. Officials report that the first bomb was caused by a car bomb outside the stadium following a football game whilst the second was a suicide bomber less than a mile away.

No terror group has claimed responsibility but Turkish forces have said they have 10 suspects already detained.

Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor dies aged 99

The Hollywood actresses suffered a heart attack whilst surrounded by friends and family. She starred in dozens of films and TV shows but was better known for her love live, having married nine times.

Her husbands included Conrad Hilton, the founder of the Hilton Hotel chain, Jack Ryan, the co-creator of the Barbie doll and the English actor George Sanders.

Terror attack at Jordanian castle

Jordanian special forces killed several terrorists and seized explosives after an attack at Karak Castle. It is reported that 10 people died alongside the 4 terrorists. A further 27 people were injured.

Security forces are not ruling out the possibility that the shooting was a coordinated attacked but as of yet, no group has claimed responsibility.

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We understand that this is not everything that happened over the last week and would love to include more. If you have an interesting news story, email it (with an image) to [email protected] and we will feature it in our next article.

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