New or Expecting Father? 7 Things you should know!3 min read

Well if you’re reading this, odds are you’ve have one of the most ground-shaking and amazing moments of your life so congratulations!! I decided on writing this article as a proud father of 2 looking back on when my kids were born. In that time, I’ve learnt so much, some of it early and some a little late but always worth it.

So, without further adieu, here are the 7 things every new and expecting father should know:

1 – You will be getting advice. Lots of advice. This advice will come from so many people and, trust me, you’ll hear many things that conflict. First things first, there is a lot of professional advice you can get too but trust your instinct!! You may not realise it for a while but you’ll be able to feel when things are right most of the time. For those other times when you’re not too sure, there are no stupid questions!

2 – 9 months may seem like a long time but it will fly by. The most important thing during this time is to have fun!! Go out as a couple. Take walks together. Although once you’ve hit the second trimester plan from toilet to toilet :). Just enjoy each other and the journey together! You’ll be telling these stories over and over for years to come.

3 – This one isn’t so much baby focused. Rather it’s more about you two. Becoming a parent doesn’t replace who you are, it just adds to it! Remember you’re both still lovers and not just Mum and Dad! Have date nights, grab those moments when they’re asleep if you need to! Watch some YouTube with a cuddle or just enjoy sharing the room. It’ll be hard sometimes. Trust me, I know. Caught between working most of the time and being a Dad the rest of the time. But… I still look forward to those moments when I get to spend with my partner and they show themselves. At the end of the day, if all else fails just collapse together!

4 – Hit the shops for clubs and info! For example Boots have a club you can join for free called the baby club. They give you vouchers and free items as you go. It’s can really be a good money saver. Another is the bounty packs you can ask your doctor or the midwife about. There are so many things like this out there. Google is a good tool to help you find them in your local area.

5 – Looking around your local area, you should find clubs and groups near where you live. Some just for you and your baby whilst others are for all of you to enjoy together. They’re a great way to get out a bit and to try different things together. Plus, you may find you make new friends who are in the same place you are!

6 – Remember to always have fun! The greatest joy will come from this and as they grow up you’ll get the greatest rewards… a smile and an unbreakable bond. It sounds almost silly to point that out but it’s so easy to get lost in all the things like appointments, work, money etc and forget that basic thing. Games of peek-a-boo, songs or play fighting will make any day better in mere moments.

7 – Finally don’t forget yourself! This is one I’ve personally had a hard time with previously. But, between your little one, your partner and working etc don’t forget yourself! Be sure to get your own moments in. Grab a beer or pick up a pizza. Both parents burning yourselves out or not allowing yourself personal joys will only damage yourself as a parent. There’s nothing selfish about it!

Well I hope something in there is helpful to someone! There are also some handy tips for getting your kids into cooking.

Good luck to all you Mum and Dad’s out there!

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