Comedies on Netflix you may have noticed and really should try

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Bringing you the latest additions to Netflix and Amazon Prime week by week

Netflix has a multitude of content. With new shows and films being added and removed daily, it can be hard to keep track of what is out there. I wanted to aggregate some of the best comedies for you to add to your watch lists.

Rick and Morty

“After having been missing for nearly 20 years, Rick Sanchez suddenly arrives at daughter Beth’s doorstep to move in with her and her family. Although Beth welcomes Rick into her home, her husband, Jerry, isn’t as happy about the family reunion. Jerry is concerned about Rick, a sociopathic scientist, using the garage as his personal laboratory. In the lab, Rick works on a number of sci-fi gadgets, some of which could be considered dangerous. But that’s not all Rick does that concerns Jerry. He also goes on adventures across the universe that often involve his grandchildren, Morty and Summer.”

Colourful and fresh animation is blended perfectly with over the top Sci-Fi story lines that are both clever and creative. Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, Rick and Morty is not only incredibly watchable but draws you into the characters. When first putting it on, I struggled to watch it. It wasn’t like an animated show that I had seen before and I initially found the concept absurd. But… after watching the first episode I was hooked. Its clever and often existential plots are brought to life by great voice actors. Want to get into it quickly? Watch “Anatomy Park” for a great spoof of Jurassic park or “Meeseeks and Destroy” for pure crazy antics.

Netflix currently has 2 seasons of Rick and Morty available.

Arrested Development

“Michael Bluth finds himself forced to stay in Orange County and run the family real estate business after his father, George Bluth Sr., is sent to prison for committing white-collar crime. He tries to juggle the wants and needs of his spoiled and eccentric family while being a good role model for his teenage son, George Michael.”

What more is there to be said about Arrested Development that hasn’t been said before? This TV show, narrated by Ron Howard and starring an ensemble cast including Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Portia de Rossi, Michael Cera, David Cross, Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walters, Tony Hale and more is one of my favourite comedies of all time. The writing is perfect and the acting and delivery of comedic lines is delivered brilliantly. I could delve into story lines to follow but I wouldn’t want to ruin the show for anyone. Go watch it. Every episode from start to finish. Once you do that, re watch it and realise all the things you missed first time around as some jokes take seasons to play out properly. The 4th season falls a bit short of the mark but it’s hard to reach the bar the first 3 seasons set so high.

Netflix currently has 4 seasons of Arrest Development available.


“When fast-talking lawyer Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) finds his degree has been revoked, he is forced to go back to school at Greendale Community College. Hoping to score points with a pretty coed, he invents a study group and invites her to join it. Imagine his surprise when she’s not the only one who shows up for help with Spanish from the “board-certified tutor” he proclaims himself to be. Though his command of the language is anything but good, the members continue to meet and end up learning a lot about themselves.”

Community, Dan Harmon’s second show on this list, is surreal and sentimental. It’s easy to watch and has satisfyingly odd story-lines that are held together by the often conflicting yet always coherent nature of the main characters. As the seasons progress, the show takes some odd turns but still retains its nature that so many people loved. Being such an unusual sitcom, it’s a wonder the show made it as far as it did.

Netflix currently has 5 seasons of Community available.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

“Several friends own Paddy’s Pub, a neighborhood bar in Philadelphia, and try to find their way in the world of work and relationships. But often, they can’t get out of their own way, leading to uncomfortable situations, which usually worsen before improving. The gang includes twin siblings Dennis and Sweet Dee Reynolds, along with their longtime friends, Charlie Kelly and Ronald “Mac” McDonald. Charlie lives with Frank, Dennis and Sweet Dee’s father, who has left his cheating, money-grabbing wife in an attempt to redeem himself after a history of doing business with sketchy people.“

Picture a sitcom that revolves around 5 narcissistic friends as they try run a bar. Add to that the ludicrous and often stupid situations they get themselves into. That is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This show shouldn’t work but my god, it works so well. Take episode one for example. The gang tries to prove there are not racist and end up looking more racist and homophobic in the process. The story lines just get more absurd from there but the more off centre they go, the more watchable it is.

Netflix currently has 11 seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia available.

The League

“Avid fantasy football fans try to balance their time between the league and their real lives. It becomes a challenge, though, when the good-natured competition gives way to a win-at-all-costs mentality, which begins to spill over into their relationships and even the workplace. It’s a cutthroat competition to win the league — and the bragging rights that come with the feat. The sitcom features a plethora of cameos by real-life NFL players, who play themselves on the series.”

Similar to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in the sense that some of the characters of narcissistic, The League is held together a lot more firmly around fantasy football. If you enjoy ‘laddish’ humour and/or are a fan of American Football, you should like this show. Episodes tend to have a vague continuity but individual episodes can be watched easily instead. Funny, crass and with the occasional weed or poo joke, The League works due to the stupid suburban situations it puts its characters in.

Netflix currently has 7 seasons of The League available.

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

“Counsellors and campers check in for what’s billed as “the summer of your life” at Maine’s Camp Firewood in 1981. The Netflix original is a prequel to the 2001 cult film “Wet Hot American Summer,” and features many of the same actors, portraying even younger versions of themselves than they did in the film. Reuniting the original cast was no small feat, given the busy careers of Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Christopher Meloni, Janeane Garofalo, Bradley Cooper and Amy Poehler. New to camp in 2015 are Chris Pine, Jon Hamm and Kirsten Wiig. Original director David Wain helms the series, and he and Michael Showalter penned the scripts.”

Based on the cult movie, Wet Hot American Summer, the TV show Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp may be set several weeks before the film but it was made 14 years after the original. They use this distortion of time to their advantage. Most the original actors looks visibly older but have to play younger versions of characters they played 14 years ago. David Wain and Michael Showalter make reference to this in the script several times. Like the film, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp follows a summer campy as they go through often stupid and surreal story lines that could be a little too off putting some viewers. If you liked the film, you will love the TV show. I would highly suggest watching the film first though.

Netflix currently has 1 seasons of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp available.

Grace and Frankie

“For as long as they can recall, Grace and Frankie have been rivals. Their one-upmanship comes crashing to a halt, however, when they learn that their husbands have fallen in love with each other and want to get married. As everything around the ladies is coming apart, the only thing they can really rely on is each other. This Netflix original re-teams Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin (“9 to 5”) as Grace and Frankie, respectively, bringing their chemistry to the small screen. It’s a casting reunion on a grand scale, as Tomlin is reunited with her co-star from “The West Wing,” Martin Sheen, who plays Grace’s husband, Robert. And Fonda is back with Sam Waterston, her co-star from “The Newsroom,” who plays Frankie’s husband, Sol.”

This charming comedy follows two unlikely friends as they come to terms with their respective husbands coming out as gay. Straight laced Jane Fonda and pseudo hippy Lily Tomlin play off each-other well while Martin Sheen and Sam Waterson almost steal the show as the couple about to get married. Not always a comedy and touching on several social topics, Grace and Frankie’s first two seasons were a delight.

Netflix currently has 2 seasons of Grace and Frankie available.

Bojack Horseman

“A humanoid horse, BoJack Horseman — lost in a sea of self-loathing and booze — decides it’s time for a comeback. Once the star of a ’90s sitcom, in which he was the adoptive father of three orphaned kids (two girls and a boy). The show was the hottest thing around, then suddenly, was cancelled. Now 18 years later, BoJack wants to regain his dignity. With the aid of a human sidekick and a feline ex-girlfriend who is his agent, he sets out to make it happen. But Hollywood is vastly different from those days, and getting used to stuff like Twitter may take some time. This first animated series from Netflix — with plenty of references to sex, drugs and alcohol — is not for the little ones.”

This list’s second animated sitcom, Bojack Horseman is not for everybody. It’s truly a comedy like no other in the sense that half (if not more) of the characters are humanoid animals in Hollywood. The show is often very blunt in its portrayal of celebrity culture and how Hollywood is viewed by the word. Whilst not always a comedy (there are more than a few episodes that end on a downer) this show is insanely clever and a lot deeper than meets the eye. I implore you to watch all 3 seasons if you choose to start it. You won’t regret it.

Netflix currently has 3 seasons of Bojack Horseman available.


“Lilyhammer is a Norwegian-American television series, starring Steven Van Zandt, about a fictional “former” New York-based gangster, Frank “The Fixer” Tagliano, trying to start a new life in isolated Lillehammer, Norway.”

Lilyhammer is a quirky pseudo comedy that I am a little surprised was made in the first place. It follows a New York mobster who, when he goes into witness protection, decided on Lilyhammer, Norway solely because he liked watching the winter Olympics held there in 1994. Not being able to keep his nose clean for long, Van Zandt’s character slowly starts putting together a criminal gang in the sleepy, snowy mountain city. Beautiful vistas of the landscapes and oddly charming plots make Lilyhammer into something really worth watching.

Netflix currently has 3 seasons of Lilyhammer available.

Real Rob

“An exaggerated depiction of Rob Schneider’s real life mixed with clips of his stand-up performances.”

This TV show isn’t your usual Rob Schneider affair. It’s funny, self-deprecating and plays on the way people view Rob as a celebrity rather than a person. Real Rob is an exaggerated depiction of his life in the same sense that Curb Your Enthusiasm is an depiction of Larry David’s life. Real Rob stars Rob Schneider, his real life wife Patricia Azarcoya Schneider and a host of other characters either based on or depicted by real people. If you liked shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm, I’d suggest giving Real Rob a try.

Netflix currently has 1 seasons of Real Rob available.

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Bringing you the latest additions to Netflix and Amazon Prime week by week

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