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Brenda Fellman

Janice Courtney – Debbie Reynolds
Reverend Jim Larkin – Cliff Robertson
Marty Bliss – David Janssen
Ethel – Eileen Heckart

My Six Loves

My Six Loves (1963) is classified as a comedy. The film is about an over worked and over tired Broadway star, Janice Courtney (Debbie Reynolds). In the film, Janice along with her friend Ethel go to her home in Connecticut. Here she finds six kids living in her back garden. While she is falling in love with the children the idea of settling down with a family starts to feel more natural to her. This new direction in life starts looking more appealing but also starts conflicting with her job.

Debbie Reynolds holds her own throughout the film. While it’s not one of her strongest roles, she still makes the movie enjoyable and even gets a full musical number along with the children. The children are cute and work well with the rest of the cast. There are a great number of guest appearances throughout the movie, Alice Ghostley as a lazy housekeeper, Alice Pearce as a grouchy school bus driver, John McGiver as a finger-wagging judge, Jim Backus as the local sheriff and Mary McCarthy and Max Showalter as the Ma and Pa Kettle like couple who abandoned their own kids.


Okay so while I did enjoy the movie, I don’t feel it should be classified as a comedy. It feels more of a feel good family film than something made to encourage a laugh. It isn’t the funniest of films but it is filled with a likable cast, a sweet storyline and a happy ending. Unfortunately, a film like this would most likely not be made today. At the time of its release, it would have fit in with the feel good films that were being produced out in the early 60s

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