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Emma Dawn
Formerly, a travel writer/reviewer who traded in room service and housekeeping for diaper changes and nap times. These days I share my adventures on this journey through life as a single mom.

I have been working out at a local gym for a few months now and it’s been amazing. Never really been a gym membership owner before… Well, if I’m being honest, I never really worked out before. Until now! Redefining the Mom Bod!  I have not only noticed a huge difference in my body, but in my mind and attitude too! Surprisingly, I have more energy and when my body does get tired it’s in a good way. I can feel the difference between guilt ridden lazy, I wanna lay on my adorable comfy sofa tired, to an actual motivated, goal accomplished, tired. Over the past few months I have been keeping mental notes of what has worked along my fitness journey and the things that keep me motivated.

Get a Membership! 

I don’t have as much motivation to work out at home like going to the gym gives me. It’s a process to get Milo and myself up, fed, dressed and out the door in the mornings. So, when I get across town to my gym I try to make the most of my time there. I’m not saying I don’t work out at home, but there are a lot of excuses I can make not too. Making time in my schedule to go to the gym and get away from work, cleaning, tv etc really helps. It’s also nice for Milo and myself to have a routine in our lives and to get out of the house for a little bit everyday.

Kids Club/Day Care

I’m sure most of my readers are fellow mothers, or at least friends with mothers. So finding a gym with a day care program is essential! Truly it’s been my saving grace. It took Milo a little time to get used to the atmosphere, since so much of our lives is just the two of us. These days however, he loves it and there are times I have to drag him away from the little friends he has made. My gym gives me two hours a day of day care time, where I can work out, distraction free, while still having Milo close by.

Join a Class

I have joined a few really great classes at my gym and with my membership they are free! Classes keep me motivated more than just working out on my own. The instructors push me harder than I naturally would push myself and compile workouts I would have never thought of. I’m no fitness guru or trainer so working out with people who are, and know what they are doing, helps me target the parts of my body I want to target and assures I’m doing the workouts correctly. Plus, it’s a great way to meet new people all while having fun.

Fitness Apps

If you don’t have access to a gym, download a fitness app. I love the “30 Day Fitness Challenge” I downloaded from the google play store. It’s like having a little trainer right in your pocket. You can enter in your stats to see where you are on the fitness scale. Which is super helpful if you are keeping track of your macros. The workouts are really well designed with video examples so you are shown how to do each workout correctly. It also has 6 difficultly levels so you can adjust as you get stronger!


Ok, working out is very repetitive so in turn can be actually quite boring. I am what people call a “cardio bunny”. Basically, I hang out on the incline trainer, treadmill, bike and stair-master. Hey, no shame in my game, but running for a half hour can lose it’s appeal after just a couple minutes. So download or design your own playlist on Spotify. You can also plan your workout during a show you like. Many of the cardio machines at my gym have little tv’s attached. I like to watch the Kardashians or Say Yes to the Dress. Y’all might not be as much of a basic white girl as I am, but I’m sure you can find something interesting to make your workouts not so bland.

As always don’t forget to share and subscribe! Until next time thanks for reading!


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Emma Dawn

Emma Dawn

Formerly, a travel writer/reviewer who traded in room service and housekeeping for diaper changes and nap times. These days I share my adventures on this journey through life as a single mom.