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Firstly let me point out that now I have written that title, I am singing the rest of the song in my head as I type this. To me, this Disney film is a breath of fresh air. Moana is fun, colourful and doesn’t have the big dark and gloomy character who is usually the center piece that other Disney films have (looking at you Frozen)

From start to finish there is a sense of adventure and fun that you don’t often find in other films. Moana (voiced by Auli’i Cravalho) has a pretty great chicken called Hey Hey, who is not a main character, but just does enough to keep the film flowing. Other than the chicken there are no annoying animal sidekicks, unless you include the demi-god shapeshifter LORD OF THE WIND AND SEA, hero of man (and women) Maui (voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), and too be honest he is way too funny to be annoying!!

Now I cannot think of a better role for The Rock than a character who is so full of life and full of energy. I remember watching countless episodes of Smackdown where he literally had the crowd on their feet at just the mention of his name!

I seriously wanted Maui to quote “If you smell what Maui is cooking” during this film. Who knows hopefully a sequel/prequel would get that quote in there somewhere!

The film was and is still my daughters favorite Disney film ever. Believe me, when I say we have watched probably 90% of them. Even some of the old classics like Aristocats and Cinderella do not keep her attention like Moana does.

Disney are onto a winner with Moana and other films in this series. This series should have been explored more after Lilo and Stitch which is still my favorite film of all time (who doesn’t love a blue fluffy alien that’s naughty!!). Hopefully they will look more into the lores, myths, legends and cultures of Fiji and Samoa amongst others for inspiration.

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