Maintain A Work-Life Balance When Starting Entrepreneurship

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I am a freelancer blogger as well as web developer.I like to write some articles about motivation, entrepreneurship and life hack etc。At the same time, I will travel from place to place, I am also like record down beautiful attractions as well as the exotic culture ...

Starting entrepreneurship or being an entrepreneur, which will surely give you an abundance of perks: freedom, flexible working hours and awesome lifestyle etc.But definitely it is not as easy as we thought.

It will need you sacrifice lots of time and energy especially when you are just about to start.Though being an entrepreneur is a huge task to complete.It doesn’t mean that you must devote your whole life to your entrepreneur work.You still deserve some leisure breaks and fun activities to enjoy your life.Truth be told that having a good break will certainly maximize the effectiveness of your work. So here I would like to share some of my experience on how to maintain a work-life balance when starting entrepreneurship.

Plan your work well and be organised

Starting an entrepreneurship is not as easy as we thought,and not as hard as we can imagine.In order to achieve the entrepreneur dream, it surely has a lot of work waiting to be completed.If you want to let your work done nicely and have a good work-life balance, it is better for having a good plan that arranges everything nicely.When you begin to step on the entrepreneur path, a lot of new stuff and skills that requires you learn from the start. This will certainly take you bunches of time to learn.But if you are good at managing and organizing, you can also control your life easily regardless the onerous stuffs.

When I was starting my business, I was overwhelmed by the tasks, especially when I cannot drop out my current job to become a full-time entrepreneur.I had to sacrifice my time in the early morning or late evening to do my business.And I was overwhelmed with those tasks and soon get tired of it.And I started to worry about whether I can finish my goals before the deadline…But once I gradually realized the importance of the time and task management to an entrepreneur. I began to write the plan and schedule my work.A good and organized working plan really helps me a lot both in maximizing the effectiveness as well as saving the time. I would like to share these experiences in this article and hope can give you some hints when you encountered the same situation.Things I have done to improve my management skills:

listing goals

Set a clear monthly/weekly goal.

Firstly, I will set my goals on things that I need to achieve by this month or this week.By doing this, I will have a clear thought what I am going to do.And I will not mess up since I have a clear goal in my mind.It will save me a lot of time by avoiding doing unnecessary things. By practising this habit, my business work certainly becomes well-organised and improved day by day.

List out all the tasks

After you have your mission and goals, you need to list out the tasks which you want to complete.You can do this in the early morning or late night whichever the time is longer and quiet.Because you need to be focused during the process. Then you can get a pen and some plain papers to write down all your tasks (including details) that you are going to complete.And you must be sure those achieved tasks will let you become closer to your goals. Here is the example of the plan I have made:

3-Month digital-work plan


  1. Master all basic web design skills and able to take the job making money from the digital market by 1/1/18.
  2. I will learn some design etc digital skills as well to get money from some odd job.(get photoshop by this week)

First-month task(until 6/12/17) :

  1. Finish the first chapter of coding (from the Udemy Web-developing Course).
  2. Able to do simple website design.


  • Every day take around1- 2hrs to learn the code.
  • Every week learn some digital skills (design etc try to earn cash from  fiver)
Schedule every week even to every day

The third thing you need to is to make a good schedule for yourself.After you are cleared about your goals and tasks, it is time for you commit yourself to achieve them.Making a good schedule about yourself daily, it will certainly help you plan your tasks according to the time.And it will systematically cover all the things you want to achieve either in one week or one month.Having a good schedule about your work help you separate the “work” and “life” clearly. In this way, you can have the rest of the free time to do something you liked and enjoy your life.

Don’t be overwhelming (stick to 15 mins break system)

When doing the task that you are given.I recommend that don’t be overwhelmed with these tasks.Maybe you are excited about your business or you want to complete the task early.But your brain and body need to have a rest after a long period of working.Stick to the” 15mins break system” after one hour work, it will benefit both of your mental and physical health.What’s more, let your body have a good and regular rest will let you rejuvenate easily and become more efficient in the work.

Plan a trip or do something you like and have fun.


When doing these things every day for a long time, our mind will surely get bored and become easily distracted .So it is the sign that you need to “abandon” your business for a while and to do something make you happy and love the life.For example, I am the person who has a bit of “wanderlust”.When I get bored of my entrepreneur work, I will treat myself to a short trip for refreshing my mind and exploring the beauty of the world.Nowadays there are plenty of travel websites(eg: Travelocity, Agoda, Booking .com etc )You can easily choose a nice nearby place with reasonable price from there to have good laid-back time!

Socialise yourself

socialize yourself

Sometimes the path to entrepreneur is lonely.Maybe you are used to sacrificing your time to complete the job by cooping yourself at home every day.But sometimes you will still feel lonely and your heart tells you that it is time to connect with your friends or family… Let’s do so! Let yourself involved in the human relationship will also make you feel love about the life as well as keep your mind stay away from boredness.When you feel this way, just feel free to hang out with your best friend or someone you like to mingle with.By talking about your entrepreneurship path and sharing with them your feelings.Maybe you will get a nice suggestion from your friend or family, which can benefit your business.


Starting an entrepreneurship will certainly consume your free time and energy, but if you can follow these tips I am sure that you also can live a balanced lifestyle and enjoy it even you are just starting.Wish you like this article.If you have any opinions or questions just leave some comments below. If you are interested, you can explore more related articles or information over here.

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I am a freelancer blogger as well as web developer.I like to write some articles about motivation, entrepreneurship and life hack etc。At the same time, I will travel from place to place, I am also like record down beautiful attractions as well as the exotic culture ...

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