Lüms Burger & Co – Easily one of the best burger joints in London2 min read

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Ewan Hollander

Just sharing things that interest me in the hopes that they interest others as well

That title is not an exaggeration. Lüms Burger & Co is quite easily one of the best burgers you will find in London. I have walked passed Lüms Burger & Co several times but only ventured in a last week when a friend and myself were stuck finding somewhere to eat. Since then I have been recommending it to most people I know and went back with a different friend over the weekend.

In their own words, Lüms Burger & Co is a new and progressive gourmet burger kitchen & restaurant located in Hendon, North London.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much the first time I went in. It has nothing to do with the décor or design of Lüms Burger & Co. The styling is on point, inviting, warm and has a classic burger joint atmosphere. The main reason I wasn’t expecting much was my preconceptions of the area. Having lived in Hendon for almost 5 years now, it is home to a Dominos, a Chinese take-out and several kebab shops. My initial views was that Lüms was going to be another one of these. All these preconceptions were put to sleep upon entering. The staff are friendly, the menu has a decent selection and the food was fantastic.




The Burgers

The menu has 23 burgers across a selection of Beef, Chicken, Lamb and vegetarian with prices ranging from £6.95 to £10.25 for a burger. These are not small burgers as well. Both times I have been, I have left comfortably full as all burgers come with a choice of fries and a small salad. Lüms Burger & Co also has a wide range of sides and starters ranging from halloumi bites and chicken wings to coleslaw and Lüms house onion rings (highly recommended).



When I sold this place to my friend over the weekend, I said it was on par if not better than the likes of Byron Burger or Honest Burger. I know that is a big claim but my friend was quick to agree with me as he started his meal and re-iterated his agreement once we had finished. Don’t be surprised if you see more Lüms branches open up around London. If you are in and around North West London, I’d thoroughly recommended Lüms Burger & Co and if you live a little further away, it may be worth making a trip to Hendon.

You can find Lüms Burger & Co on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lumsburgerco.co.uk/


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Ewan Hollander

Just sharing things that interest me in the hopes that they interest others as well

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