10 Of The Best Indian Festivals You Can Celebrate In The Winter

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Twinkle garg is a travel enthusiast who loves to visit the most popular as well as offbeat places of the world. She loves to share her travel experiences with fellow travelers. For planning memorable holidays in India or any world destination, you follow her write-ups.

Brand-new year, a fresh start and brand-new resolutions. How about trying something new – a resolution to be an eyewitness to some of the richest and also most magnificent parties, society, customs, as well as art?

Enhance your own with the rainbow culture and traditions of India. As a start, why not try being at these winter festivals in India to be commemorated in 2019.

01. Bikaner Camel Fest – A blend of colours, party and also delicious food

When: 13th – 14th January 2019

Camel races, camel milking, fur cutting, camel dancing, camel bands, camel beauty contests and mouthwatering traditional Rajasthani food – Bikaner camel fest is the most vibrant animal celebration in India. Started by a march of vibrantly adorned camels from Junagarh fort, it centres all its activities in the Polo Ground near the fort throughout one of the most famous winter season events.

02. Bihu Magh – Sankranti events in Assam

When: 15th January

So, January equates to Magha in the lunar schedule and individuals of Assam in India show off their harvest by commemorating Bihu. One of the very best events of winter, it would be just fair to say that it is the Assam celebration of Sankranti, just lasting for a week. The highlights of this celebration are banquets and bonfires. Makeshift huts made of bamboo as well as thatch fallen leaves are set up to prepare the food for the feast. The celebrations also include traditional Assamese video games like Takeli Bhonga( pot splitting) and also buffalo battling.

03. December Music Celebration – Commemorating finest South Indian songs

When: 15th December until January

So this is a month long celebration of the finest South Indian songs and  dances. Begun in 1929, this is among the quirkiest celebrations of winter seasons and is locally called Kutcheri Session. The majority of the performances are held in the months of Chennai – December and also January. The piece de resistances of the festival are instrumentals and vocal Carnatic music while the standard performances are spread out across different areas in the city.

04. Goa Circus – The Portuguese tradition

When: 10th to 13th February 2019

What is a circus if it does not include revellers from all castes, creeds, neighbourhoods and genders? This, with a past of some 300 years, got its modern variation in 1961. Originally celebrated by the Portuguese, the Goa carnival is among the very best winter festivals as well as has happened in every Goan home. Singing, dance, indulging, guitar strumming, acrobatic performances, clowns, fire entertainers and also what not – the Goa carnival is a nonstop festivity of some 72 hours. Yet this is not the only enjoyable Goan fest; there are some definitely insane celebrations in Goa you must attend!

05. Kutchh Rann Mahotsav – A party of Gujarati individuals and also Gujarati culture

When: 1st November 2018 to 20th February 2019

“Kutch nahin dekha to kuchh nahin dekha” – this tag line of the Rann Mahotsav in Kutch of Gujarat sums up the values of this festival. Spread over three months as well as some 7,000 sq miles of white sand, this is amongst the best events commemorated in winter season as well as the event of Gujarati people as well as society is just legendary. 400 elegant camping tents to remain in, vast stretch of white sand to appreciate the calm moonlit nights as well as live social efficiencies in addition to genuine Kutchhi cuisine – one can’t ask for even more.

06. Konark Dancing Celebration – Proclaiming the abundant Indian dancing forms

When: February

In the background of Konark Sun temple, this mega occasion in the temple city of Orissa hosts dancers from throughout India. The festival is a party of the abundant classic as well as standard dancing kinds of India. The performances are arranged under the skies on the Chandrabhaga Beach as well as nearly all the significant timeless dancing types of India – Manipuri, Kathakali, Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Chao, and Kuchipudi attribute amongst the main efficiencies. An unique crafts reasonable is arranged to advertise the conventional handicrafts and also sculptures from south India.

07. Lohri – The harvest events in Punjab

When: 13th January

Now this festival is a ‘need to go to’. One simply cannot miss out on the colours, celebrations, dance, songs, and pomp of Lohri. Additionally referred to as Gurmukhi as well as Sanmukhi, it is the harvest celebration of the Punjab state of India. It is also believed that it is a ceremony of the wintertime solstice – quickest day and also the longest evening. Among the most effective celebrations commemorated in winter, Lohri is noted by a bonfire where the entire household gathers, worships and after that commemorates the spirit of togetherness. There is music, there are colours, and there is dance – all setting up an amazing show of abundant customs of Punjab.

08. Makarsankranti and also Gujarat Kite Feast – A family celebration

When: 14th January

With the new harvests getting home, the Hindu farmers in India commemorate the changes in solar motions. Makar Sankranti marks the shift of the Sunlight right into the zodiac indication of Capricorn (Makara rashi). In Gujarat as well as some other areas, it is likewise commemorated as the kite celebration where big, bright and colourful kites use up the skies to welcome the believed arrival of springtime in India, making it a famous addition to the listing of winter months events in India.

09. Nagaur Fest – The second largest livestock fest of India

When: 22nd to 25th February 2019

So suppose you missed the Pushkar fair of November. The Nagaur fest, also referred to as Ramdeoji Cattle Fair is the 2nd largest cattle event in India and among the most vivid events celebrated in winter season. As massive as 80,000 cattle are exchanged in this event while they are dressed in colourful as well as ethnic Rajasthani clothing at one of one of the most brilliant celebrations of winter. Besides, not a single day at the fest is sans songs and dancing. The colourful people dances as well as tunes of Rajasthan take the extravaganza to a whole brand-new height. The fair likewise arranges activities like tug of war, camel races, bullock races, juggling, puppetry, cockfights, campfires, and also narration.

10. Jaisalmer Desert Fest – A 4 day long cultural extravaganza

When: 29th to 31st January 2019

Another one on the list of winter month festivals in India is the Jaisalmer Desert Feast, a complete social extravaganza. It began as a way to bring in international tourist on the sands of Thar. The 4 dayl ong celebration witnesses the maximum tramp of international revellers as well as travellers among the most specific screen of Rajasthani people, culture and customs. The highlights consist of turban connecting competitors, moustache competition, people dancing, camel trips, as well as authentic Rajasthani cuisine.

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Twinkle Garg

Twinkle garg is a travel enthusiast who loves to visit the most popular as well as offbeat places of the world. She loves to share her travel experiences with fellow travelers. For planning memorable holidays in India or any world destination, you follow her write-ups.

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