What is Happiness? – Life is Short So Start Enjoy It3 min read

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Every Friday before we head over to Olga’s Beach Bar on the beach for a beautiful Sunset, Chuck breaks out the Fireball. It’s whiskey with a hint of cinnamon. He calls this new ritual in our lives Fireball Friday. He sets up two shot glasses on our outside table and fills them up and we make a toast, to the great lives we are living and to our health.

I don’t even like Fireball. I wish he would bring out the Tequila or some great smoky Mescal but alas this makes him so happy I don’t want to hurt his feelings. He loves to say it’s Fireball Friday Deby. Our lives are great and fun and we are living the dream in Costa Rica, a little Fireball is not going to hurt me.

We are happy and have been for 43 years. I have been trying to not be so dam happy all the time and really I am not. But… I think Chuck and I are just positive people. We didn’t save any money or put money in the stock market. All we had to look forward to was Chucks pension and the thought of ‘lets try something different and move to a foreign country and retire and just have fun.’

So at 55 we retired. Chuck was a union carpenter and had the pension. We also had a cell tower on our property (it was Verzion) and we sold the lease and now we had the money to build a house in Costa Rica. So we did just that. We shipped all our belonging and tools to build a house and we did it. Well, it was not that simple but we had a desire and we had our love. I am proud to say I love the home we built in this little town called Nosara.

Now, Chuck and I have new friends from Costa Rica and new friends that are from everywhere in the world (when they holiday here). It makes for an interesting time on our Fireball Fridays to talk to these people that had the same dream as us. While raising our sons we did not think about how it all would turn out or what the meaning of life was. We just did what we thought was right.

Chuck worked and I was a stay at home mom. We all had dinner together at our little table in the kitchen and we talked just about every night. We didnt talk about anything in particular… we just talked. It kept us together for that moment in time and it left an impression on all four of us. I think it made us into a happy, functional family.

We are blessed to not have had and bad catastrophes happen in our lives before we retired to a beautiful jungle in Costa Rica. Our sons now have good jobs and good lives.

So what makes us so happy? I can’t for the life of me figure it out. I had a women ask me one night at a dinner party, “Are you always this positive?” I had to think about it for a second and I said, “Yes, most of the time.” So grab the life you have by the horns and ride into your own sunset, with a shot of Fireball if you can stomach it. Damn, I want the Tequila or smoky Mescal

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