Let’s Talk Music – Italians Do It Good…! The Best New Music Out Of Italy

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Remo (TheRockBoxTv)

Remo (TheRockBoxTv)

Where music lovers can discover something new. We search the web for unsigned and emerging talent, musicians, bands, DJ's, Producers, online Radios, indie record labels, bloggers, vloggers and much more. To bring you "Top Class" music you wouldn't otherwise get to hear !

New music from “The Boot…!” It’s not just about Pizza and Pavarotti…

Hello Peeeple….!

Remo from TheRockBoxTv here once again, with some massive new music from the boot…..!

“The Boot…?” they exclaim with surprise, eyes and mouths wide open, with that typical “I’m astonished” expression on their now faded grey skinned and blue lipped faces, perspiring profusely at the brow…! Yes, I reply… from the land of tomatoes and olives, mozzarella and pizza, spaghetti Bolognese, Chianti and Luciano Pavarotti, the land of mandolins and accordions, “O Sole Mio, (It’s Now or Never)”, “Torna a Surriento, (Come back to Sorrento)” and “Volare, (Nel blu dipinto di blu)”. Where everybody seems talk with their hands, drivers make their own rules, the food is excellent and the wine even better…. not to mention the gorgeous women… woooohooo and of course the dark haired, olive skinned, Latin Lovers for the ladies…!

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I mean, when you mention Italy, these are all the things that tend to spring to mind… Right..? You sure don’t think of the latest new trends in Heavy Metal, or the latest in Dance music, Progressive House, Electro Rock and definitely not the emblematic “Red, Gold and Green” sound of Jamaican Roots, Dub, Skank or Lovers Rock ! Oh no….. You don’t…. at the very most, if someone asks what’s trending in Italy, the first thing that comes to mind is, you know like, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana etc etc etc.

Well that’s where you’re totally mistaken and I’m about to prove it ! So, order a pizza (not with pineapple pleeeeese…!), pour yourself a glass of Chianti and settle down for something astonishingly new.

When people think Rock and I mean heavy….. you know, that kind of rock that turns your grey matter a blood red colour and makes your ears bleed….! Made up of solid walls of distorted metallic guitars, grinding bass lines and violent, powerful drums that hit you in the face like a hundred baseball bats all at once. Most, including myself, would turn to the UK, or the US.
However, today we have a little surprise, that most of you lovers of metal and heavy alternative rock will probably sneer and laugh at when I mention it, until you go and listen to the band I’m about to introduce.

Il Grido

IL GRIDO (The Scream)…. Yes, an Italian Rock Band, that sound like they’ve just stepped out of an atomic explosion and survived…! freakin’ radiation all over the place here….. and beware…. when you listen, you’ll be contaminated…!

Il Grido, as I’ve already mentioned are an Italian Alternative Rock band, based in Rome and definitely worth listening to if you’re a seasoned and true to the bone lover of alternative rock music, even if you don’t understand the lyrics, you’ll love them just the same, for the shear energy and explosive power they produce.
After a long period of trial and error with various previous formations, that go as far back as 2002 – 2003, if I’m not mistaken, when the guys were but mere youngsters starting out, vocalist; Giuseppe Di Bianca and guitarist; Andrea Jannicola, the founder members of the band, who together, write and compose all of the bands material, finally put an end to what seemed to be a never ending search for “The One” (if you pardon the pun), when they are joined by Davide Costantini on bass and the rocket fueled engine behind the armed concrete wall of sound, Lorenzo Spurio Pompili, lovingly referred to as The Golden Boy, on Drums, to finalize what is now the current and stable formation of Il Grido.

The guys are no new comers to us here on TheRockBoxTv, we’ve been following their journey since they released their debut single and video “Il mio disordine” in 2012, which blew us away at the time, with an awesome and gigantic sound, a blinding performance and stunning grungy style video, which quite honestly, nobody, myself included, would ever have expected from an Italian band. They subsequently released another two singles and videos, all self produced, funded and promoted, I may add, with no aid from any record label, major or otherwise, which saw them at the end of 2014 receiving a discrete success and good amount of recognition on the Italian rock scene .

Since then the guys have been slogging hard, evolving, refining and promoting their sound, playing live gigs around the country in both small venues and on larger stages, working relentlessly to expand their fan base on a national basis. They have also been busy, writing and recording a new album, which promises to be a true mind blowing musical experience, for any alternative rock lover, judging by the first single and video, which was released in late may of this year, entitled “Amsterdam”, from their new debut album. Amazing hard and powerful well controlled vocals, sandwiched between a mountain of, gritty, distorted guitar riffs, that cut through the aforementioned wall of armed concrete, provided by the tight and relentless rhythm section, like a hot knife through pistachio ice cream. This band will melt your brain like mozzarella cheese on a hot pizza and can surely be considered by any affirmed Rock Music lover, what might be the best thing to come out of Italy since spaghetti Bolognese.

So… my advice to all of you who have managed to read this far is….. Go… and have your mind blown and your eardrums damaged by this massive, head bangin’ band.

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Elephant State

Elephant State on the other hand, are a brand new Italian duo EDM/ElectroDance Project, formed in 2014 by Cosmo Masiello alias Kosmo and Gabriele Carbone alias Straphax. The project was originally created as a Live EDM Music Set, that can perform comfortably, both in small club venues and on larger stages as openers for DJ Sets, Raves and live concerts. However, after having played a number of live gigs around the country and receiving a fair amount of postive feedback from the general public, including numerous requests for where to download their music, the project has evolved into something ultimately more interesting and has now become a fully fledged venture, aiming to take Dance music to another level, both live and in the studio, which sees them finalizing the independent production and release of their first album ” Where is there.”

These two professional, first rate musicians, both masters of their art and currently active on the Italian music scene as performing and session musicians, decide to join forces, resulting in an explosive mix of Rock, Jazz and Ethnic styles, painted on electronic foundations which blend the whole sound into one complete musical work of art.

Each original piece, a masterful and colourful mix of Electronic Music, Dance, House, Deep House, Progressive, Techno and Trance, with Jazz and Rock overtones and some Ethnic styles thrown in, is composed and arranged into a single and unique canvas bursting with masterfully woven musical sketches that flow with ease into a delta of sound, bringing line, shape and form, colour, texture, light and shadow to even the most critical of musical ears.

After having engaged a third, silent background member to the team in february 2017, who is actively involved with the project and deals mainly with all of their graphic design, video creation and online presence regarding social media, the guys have seen a discreet increase in interest and followers on all platforms they are present on across the web. Although they are still at the beginning, they have recieved a good, positive response to their music, videos and all the material they have published on line up until now.

As a result of their relentless hard work on line, in april 2017, they were offered and finally signed a contract for the official release of their first single “Heritage”, with the small but efficient UK based independent record label Pink Dolphin Music Ltd/Melting Clock Records which was released on the 9th June 2017, with the release of a second single programmed for later this year.
They have also been involved in remixing a track for a collaboration between DeepDownDirty Records UK and Love Vibration Nation Music and Publishing LLC in the US, entitled “Look Up” which is scheduled for release within the next few weeks and we will of course review when the full package is out.

Now here is the cherry and cream topping on the giant donut….! Elephant State and Il Grido who I mentioned in the above article, have joined forces and very soon there will be a new remix of the track “I Presidenti”, from the bands newly released album “Il Grido.” The remix, which I have had the pleasure of listening to, is an amazing mix of powerful, gritty, grungy rock, synonymous of the personality and character of Il Grido, mixed with the unique and recognisable Electronic Dance style and sound of Elephant State. Definitely something worthwhile waiting for…!

In the meantime why not go and have a listen to the magical sound of Elephant State and maybe, Walk with The Herd… as the guys so pleasantly put it.

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Muiravale Freetown

On the 24th of august 1992, Italian missionary, Dr. Alfredo Fiorini PhD, from Terracina, Latina in Italy, is caught in a barrage of machine gun fire, is shot and killed, in the town of Muiravale in Mozambique.

Seventeen years later, in January 2009, in the small but musically thriving coastal town of Terracina, hometown of Dr. Alfredo Fiorini , situated on the Mediterranean Coast approximately 60 kilometres south of the capital, the band Muiravale Freetown decide to come together and form with the intention of honouring his memory and continuing to spread his message of altruism, tollerance and fraternity. Although still in the early stages, but with an already distinct and strikingly polished sound, they are almost immediately given the opportunity to perform live alongside artists and celebrities of international calibre like Damian Marley, Bunny Wailer, Africa Unite, Mellow Mood, SOJA, Misty In Roots and many more.

Over the next few years, Muiravale Freetown a basic five piece formation of extremely talented musicians, Emanuele Golfieri; Drums, Franco Notarberardino aka Franky Sekkle; Bass, Silvino Likkle Fiyah; Keyboards, Andrea Cardone; Guitar and Lead vocalist and frontman, Shakmanaly, all with a remarkable feel for this truly colourful and emblematic music, work extremely hard to polish their already exceptional sound, which in my opinion, stands its own ground against any of the best bearing the Red, Gold and Green flag and finally in november 2013 they record and release their debut album “Muiravale Freetown”. Produced and mixed by the esteemed and well known producer, Paolo Baldini (Africa Unite, Dub Sync, Br Stylers), in his recording studio Alambic Conspiracy Studio, the album consists of 12 outstanding songs, ranging from Roots to Lovers Rock, Dub and Skank and I must say, if i didn’t know they were Italian, I would have sworn, they were from Jamaica, I’m certain that they would have a massive appeal to anyone who loves Reggae in it’s true form.

The summer of 2014 sees the now established band, participating in one of the most important European Reggae festivals currently on the circuit, “Rototom Sunplash” in Benicassim, Spain, where once again this prodigious Italian band, not only stand their ground but concretely affirm their foundations alongside some of the most prestigious and prominent names in circulation on the world wide reggae circuit today.

Currently the band are on tour as well as working on the production of their second album, which should be released early next year and they have recently released the single and video “Dem Go Mad” which is available for viewing on their youtube channel, I’ll leave the link below.

Also, I must mention the new formation, Wadadub, an offspring of Muiravale Freetown, formed by vocalist, Shakmanaly and keyboard man, Silvino Likkle Fiyah, during their recent visit to Jamaica, who are currently working live and have intentions of releasing an EP in the coming year, which, truth be known, I can’t wait to get my ears on…!

If like me you are lover of, genuine and pukka Reggae, in all of it’s colourful forms and diverse styles, then you will surely appreciate the sound of Muiravale Freetown.

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Well, that’s it from me for this week, let us know your views in the comment section below and as always, if there is a Band an Artist, maybe a DJ/Producer or even an Indie Record Label, Online Radio station, that you think we should be listening to or talking about please drop us a link in the comments, we will gladly have a listen. Join us on our socials Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram Spotify Google+ . We are pretty much all over the place, just search for TheRockBoxTv.

In the meantime, have a great week and enjoy your music.

What is your favorite new music from Italy?

Do you have a favorite musician from Italy that you want to share? Let us know in the comment box below!

See ya next week, much love Remo.

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Remo (TheRockBoxTv)

Remo (TheRockBoxTv)

Where music lovers can discover something new. We search the web for unsigned and emerging talent, musicians, bands, DJ's, Producers, online Radios, indie record labels, bloggers, vloggers and much more. To bring you "Top Class" music you wouldn't otherwise get to hear !

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