Let’s Talk Music – The Female Upper Cut…!

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Remo (TheRockBoxTv)

Remo (TheRockBoxTv)

Where music lovers can discover something new. We search the web for unsigned and emerging talent, musicians, bands, DJ's, Producers, online Radios, indie record labels, bloggers, vloggers and much more. To bring you "Top Class" music you wouldn't otherwise get to hear !

Hello Peeeple…..! Its Remo from TheRockBoxTv here to talk about music once again. It’s been Hot Hot Hot this weekend, here on the Mediterannean coast in Italy, we’re hitting between 38 and 40 degrees centigrade, it’s becoming almost unbearable…. and what you’re about to hear is gonna make ya even Hotter…! So, get yourself a nice iced coffee or tea, which ever you prefer, turn on your fan or air conditioning and settle down for a listen and a read….!

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This week I would like to introduce you to three exceptional female artists, each with her own musical personality and who really do pack a punch to remember…!

Verity White

A lovely young lady from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in the UK, with a cheeky and bubbly personality, at least that’s how she comes across to me, when chatting with her on the net and an incredibly bluesy but still quite rock orientated voice, that you could say, is very slightly reminiscent of a mix between Patty Smith, Katie Webster and Janis Joplin, although this is my own personal opinion, so please don’t let it sway you, because she certainly does have her very own unique vocal sound and character. Verity began singing when she was very small, and nobody has been able to shut her up since… she writes her own exceptional songs, as well as performing an impressive selection of Motown, blues and soul classics which she definitely has the voice for.
The new single – “I don’t Care”, released on the 4th august 2017, which is already receiving a good amount of positive feedback from music sites and blogs across the web, is a cool rock Tune ready to take the playlists by storm. A nice tight, classic tune, with an unquestionable pumpin’ and rockin’ retro 60’s – 70’s sound that really does bring this upcoming new artist into her own spotlight. The combination of a superb vocal performance by Verity and some lovely classic rock guitar riffs by guitarist, producer and loving husband, Alexander White, work nicely together over an almost live sounding rhythm section and overall present the listener with a live concert experience. No fancy frills or ribbons and bows here, just indisputable pure energy, live music style.

We’re waiting on the new album, “Breaking Out”, which Verity and Alexander are currently working on and is due for release soon and maybe another of her videos.

In the meantime, let’s just enjoy some good old old Rock n Roll, the way it should be.

You can catch up with more news from Verity at Verity White.com or follow her on Facebook  Twitter Instagram and the single is available for download on iTunes

Vanessa June

A very elusive and reserved artist it seems, although very sweet and forthcoming in our relatively short conversations on the net. I feel I would be intruding, if I were to ask her to give me more personal information about herself, which isn’t readily available on the net. So I’ve decided to leave that, simply because I prefer to respect this beautiful lady and her privacy. However, Vanessa already has an impressive list of releases on beatport, to which I will leave a link at the end of the article.

If you are a follower of “Let’s Talk Music”, our weekly music vlog on youtube, here in episode 3 you’ll find a review we did a couple of months ago on Vanessa’s last release, “Shake it” , which we had the pleasure of reviewing. All I have to say is… and “I certainly hope I don’t offend Vanessa by saying so !” I am slowly falling in love with this brilliant and oh so sexy and sensual producer. Her sound is so smooth and sultry, it practically reaches out and caresses parts of your ear that you didn’t realize you had, slowly setting your body in motion and making you feel like you have no choice, but to swing and sway your hips in a somewhat unprecedented manner, “which at my age, is definitely not the most appetizing vision, I can assure you !”

Vanessa’s latest release “At The Club” is an absolute, DeepHouse pure sex on the dance floor piece, with it’s creamy, captivating 125 bpm vibe and repetitive bass line which just gets into your bones and makes you want to grind your hips slowly in a rotary motion. Extremely, minimal and deep in it’s production style with the odd velvety, exhilarating vocal insert, which seems to whisper in your ear and suggestively stroke the side of your neck. Albeit, whether you’re male or female, this will surely get your senses tingling with excitement….. Oh My God…. am I beginning to sound like a pervert…..!?
But seriously peeeeple… This is one of those tracks you really should have in your collection, especially if you’re a lover of deep house music. So, Get On It, and add it to your playlists.

You can catch up with Vanessa at Facebook Twitter Beatport and Spotify


I quote from the about section of her facebook page “Some people try their luck in hip hop because they dream about bling and bitches. Steffi Berg, alias Raven, sound-engineer-in-training from Hattenheim, Germany, began rapping to deal with a heartbreak. It’s well-known that creativity blossoms most when you’re devastated – and Raven realized that she could actually rap. A woman in hip hop is always a rare specimen. But Raven has no need to imitate the boys. She composes, writes, raps and produces her own thing: electronic trance rap. In an age where homosexuality is still a taboo in the hip hop scene, an openly lesbian rapper is a breath of fresh air. Raven has something to say, and she wants to be heard.” – V. Reinhardt

“You Say To Me” by Raven featuring Elena K.

An inspiring track by this very talented producer, rapper, artist, that we’ve been following closely over the past few months here at TheRockBoxTv. Over on Spotify there are four remixes available of the track, each one a separate and individual single of it’s own, I’ll leave the link below in the follow Raven links.
However , the version I’m talking about today, is the HipHop, Rap version, which is currently competing in the HOFA Song contest 2017, in which incidentally, Raven placed first, in the Electronic Music category, last year with her single “Dance”.

“You Say To Me” is an extremely well produced and arranged piece, beautifully put together with some lovely hard, deep and dark sounds and an enhancing, sensuous Rap vocal that travels perfectly over the top, telling the story with a well written lyric line, that will no doubt perk your eardrums up a little. It certainly isn’t what you would expect from a German female artist, but I can assure you the song, production, arrangement and mix, does indeed hold it’s own against any HipHop, Rap tune currently on the mainstream market. Raven’s style and sound is undoubtedly her own, admittedly I haven’t heard much, either mainstream or otherwise, that can be compared to her undeniably personal if not unique approach and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she places first in her category this year also.
So if you’re up for little bit of Hip Hop, Rap with a difference, I strongly suggest you go over and check out the single and while your at it, if you feel like it, why not vote…! No log in or sign up is needed. Just a simple click on the vote button will do and don’t forget to click on the “I’m not a robot” button and confirm the vote.

Vote For “You Say To Me”
Follow Raven Facebook Twitter Spotify

So that’s it for this week my fellow boxers…. Be sure to join me next Monday, right here on Soapbox, when I’ll have more enticing new music for you guys to listen to, from some new and extraordinary unsigned, emerging talent across the globe. Oh and by the way, if you have anything or anyone you would like us to listen to and review, please leave a comment in the section below with a link and we will follow it up.

Join TheRockBoxTv on our socials. Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram Spotify Soundcloud and so many more.

In the meantime, Stay Cool, Stay Safe and have a great week.

Lotsa a Luv n Hugs


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Remo (TheRockBoxTv)

Remo (TheRockBoxTv)

Where music lovers can discover something new. We search the web for unsigned and emerging talent, musicians, bands, DJ's, Producers, online Radios, indie record labels, bloggers, vloggers and much more. To bring you "Top Class" music you wouldn't otherwise get to hear !

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