Lady Gaga, A Five Foot Two Masterpiece3 min read

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Now, it goes without saying Mother Monster (Lady Gaga) is an Icon of the millennium, with her Avant garde outfit’s and message of self belief. So, when news hit that Lady Gaga was releasing a documentary about the last few years of her life, I was excited. A part of me was keen to see what she was like in her own home, and during recording. I really wanted to know if Lady Gaga the same woman behind closed doors as she was on stage?

The answer is yes and no. She is the same powerful woman that demands and expects perfection in herself and her crew, making sure events like the super bowl, and her performances from her album Joanne are spot on. You can see her love for her family and friends and the softer side that reflects how much she loves her fans. Which we are all aware of when it comes to her, and its what drives her illustrious career.

But, on the other side of that, the personal side comes out. You see Gaga battle her demons with her body pain, through various trips to doctors and physiotherapy. Its apparent that Lady Gaga has put on an incredible mask over the last five years. Her lines and awareness for her condition resonated with fans all over, ” When I feel the adrenaline from my fans, I can f-in go. But it’s not like im in pain.”

You see her highs and lows, from performing at the super bowl, to invasive treatment for her chronic body pain, and through it all she is consistent. She is real, and its refreshingly raw. In a world of perceived perfection, she comes along and changes the rules, typical Gaga.

Directed by award winning Chris Mourkarbel, this insight into Gaga’s life shows you there is a lot more to the superstar, and rightly so. Distributing through Netflix, this is the worldwide message I think we needed. I’ll admit, I was dubious at first, how invasive would this be, would it be uncomfortable to watch, and would it help people suffering in the same way by getting her voice and suffering out there.

At times, it was uncomfortable on a human level. I just wanted her pain to stop and for her to be happy. It has seemed to be a hit in the fibromyalgia support groups as well. Maybe Lady Gaga’s voice was the missing piece of the puzzle to bring awareness to light.

Lady Gaga has always pushed a message of self acceptance, and love wins all, seeing her record her frankly personal album Joanne with Mark Ronson, and hearing her say “I never felt pretty enough or smart enough or a good enough musician. That’s the good part: I didn’t feel good enough, and I do now. Of all the things I deserve, that’s where I know I’m worth something.” means that maybe, she is where she wants to be, with her own slice of happiness, and who could deny her that?

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