Hypocritical FIFA Is As Committed To Fighting Sexism As They Are To Ridding Itself Of Corruption3 min read

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Eóin Ó Donnghaile and Sean Mac Cionaoith, co-founders of Nothing But Good Vibes (with a link to website). You can follow them through the links in this bio.

In a surprise move, FIFA has ordered World Cup broadcasters to stop zooming their cameras in on ‘hot women’ in the crowd during matches in an effort to help prevent sexism in football.

They can’t be for real. I’ve been saying “sack the cameraman” this entire tournament. Long gone are the days where every break in play signalled the camera panning to all the best looking women in the crowd in slow-motion. This World Cup, we have seen a real spectrum given airtime, more so than the 10’s I would argue, which takes some going when you consider the countries involved.

Spain, Sweden, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, France- need I go on? Anyone that’s walked down a European street or 2 knows you’d have to go out of your way to find a bad ‘un, so by sheer law of averages you’re going to be seeing some seriously hot women on the TV during the World Cup whether the cameraman is intentionally seeking them out or not.

If you’re gonna pay a cameraman to survey the crowd at a Belgium-Brazil match and NOT show some beautiful women, you need to quadruple that man’s wage because a brain surgeon would have an easier job. Some people in this world won’t be happy until we’ve stopped admiring women on their appearance entirely.

And for what? I don’t know why we feel the need to shame acknowledging attractiveness out of our culture. Would we rather a society like in Saudi Arabia, where a gym was closed down because a woman was filmed there wearing- wow, shock horror!, Wait for it….- gym gear? Although there’s overlap between admiring beauty and sexual harassment, they quite clearly are a million miles from being the same thing.

It confuses me when the media agenda reports on sexual objectification as if it’s an exclusively female experience. Rúrik Gíslason of Iceland never played as much as a game-and-a-half in the World Cup and came out of it with a million more Instagram followers cos he’s a sexy looking guy with nice tattoos and a lovely man-bun. Fair play to him, and fair play to all the gorgeous women that have lit up our TV’s screens during the World Cup.

Real women don’t actually care about this ‘issue’. Just like Miss America no longer taking looks into account, it’s just another case of corporations adopting the veneer of virtue to conform to the PR paradigm and satisfy the bottom line. Bastions of morality, champions of gender equality and soldiers against sexism the corporate slogans would’ve read, but don’t forget that this is the same FIFA who done a dirty deal to hand the next World Cup to Qatar, two years before the first Qatari woman could even represent her country at the Olympics.

Aye, they really love women. It would piss me off if it wasn’t so funny and I didn’t have a World Cup Final to look forward to on Sunday. I’d say I speak for a fair proportion when I say I hope the Croats win and we see plenty of babes enjoying the game

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Eóin Ó Donnghaile and Sean Mac Cionaoith, co-founders of Nothing But Good Vibes (with a link to website). You can follow them through the links in this bio.