How To Use Facebook Business Manager

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As the network itself puts it, Facebook Business Manager permits you to “manage ad accounts, Pages, and also the people that work on them—all in one place.”

It’s a one-stop stop for all of your Facebook selling and advertising activities, with controlled multi-user access to extra resources like your Instagram account and merchandise catalogues.

It’s additionally a central place to trace your efforts, with elaborated reports and image that show you the way your ads are activity.

If you’ve been dillydallying putting in place Facebook Business Manager as a result of you weren’t quite certain however it works, we’ve got excellent news. in barely seven straightforward steps, this tutorial can teach you the way to try to to everything from putting in place your account to inserting your 1st ad. Let’s dive in!

How to originated Facebook Business Manager

Step 1. Produce a Facebook Business Manager account

Whether you’ve already created a Facebook page or you’ve solely got a private Facebook profile, the primary stage of putting in place Business Manager is to form associate degree account.

1. Head to and click on the massive blue produce Account button at the highest left of the screen.

2. Enter your business name within the pop-up box, then click Continue.
3. Enter your name and also the business email address you would like to use to manage your Facebook Business Manager account, then click end.

Step 2. Add your Facebook business page(s)

In this step, you’ve got some of various selections. you’ll be able to add associate degree existing Facebook business page or produce a brand new one. If you manage Facebook pages for shoppers or different businesses, you’ll be able to additionally request access to somebody else’s page.

That last distinction is vital. whereas you’ll be able to use Business Manager to manage clients’ Facebook pages and ad accounts, it’s necessary to use the Request Access possibility instead of the Add Page possibility. If you add your client’s pages and ad accounts to your Business Manager, they’ll have restricted access to their own business assets—a certain thanks to cause tension in your account.

For the needs of this post, we’ll assume you’re managing your own assets, instead of acting as place of work, thus we tend to won’t get into the Request Access method. however take care to stay this distinction in mind.

We have a guide that shows you the way to line up a Facebook business page, thus we’ll assume you have already got one to feature to Business Manager. If you haven’t created your page nevertheless, get on over to it post and are available back here to feature your page to Facebook Business Manager once you’re done.

To add your Facebook page to Facebook Business Manager:

1. From the Business Manager dashboard, click Add Page, then, within the pop-up box, click Add Page once more.

2. Begin typewriting the name of your Facebook business page within the text box. Your business page name ought to autocomplete below, thus you’ll be able to simply click thereon. Then click Add Page. presumptuous you’ve got administrator access to the page you’re attempting to feature, your request are approved mechanically.

3. If you’ve got quite one Facebook page related to your business, add the remaining pages by following an equivalent steps.

Step 3. Add your Facebook ad account

Note that when you add your ad account to Facebook Business Manager, you can’t take away it, thus it’s particularly necessary solely to feature accounts you own. To access a consumer account, click Request Access instead.

If you’re already victimisation Facebook ads, you’ll be able to link your existing ad account as follows:

1. From the Business Manager dashboard, click Add Ad Account, then Add Ad Account once more, so enter the ad account ID, that you’ll be able to realise in Ads Manager.

If you don’t have already got a Facebook ads account, here’s a way to set one up.

1. From the Business Manager dashboard, click Add Ad Account, then produce Account.

2. Enter your account details, then click produce Ad Account.

Each business will produce one ad account right from the beginning. Once you’re actively pocket money in your 1st ad account, you’ll be able to add up to four more—but you can not host quite 5 ad accounts at intervals one Business Manager.

Step 4: Add individuals to assist you manage your Facebook assets

Keeping on prime of your Facebook selling is an enormous job, and you will not wish to try to to it alone. Facebook Business Manager permits you to feature team members thus you’ll be able to have a full cluster of individuals engaged on your Facebook business page and ad campaigns. Here’s a way to originated your team.

1. From your Business Manager dashboard, click the gear icon (Business Settings) at the highest of the page.

2. Click the individuals and Assets tab, then select individuals within the left-hand column. this may state a listing of all the people that have access to your Facebook Business Manager.

For now, you’ll simply see yourself listed, however we’re getting ready to modification that. Click increase begin adding team members.

3. Within the pop-up box, enter the business email addresses of team members you would like to feature. This may embrace workers, freelance contractors, or business partners, however during this step you’re specifically adding people, instead of place of work or another business (you will do this within the next step).

You can decide whether or not to offer these people restricted account access (choose worker privileges) or full access (choose Admin privileges). you’ll be able to get additional specific within the next stage. ensure to feature individuals victimisation their work email addresses.

When you’re prepared, click Add individuals.

4. Select that pages you would like every of your team members to figure on. you’ll be able to prefer to assign all and sundry as a Page admin, Page moderator, Page analyst, Page editor, or Page adman. Here’s a fast outline of what every role entails:

Page admin: will manage all aspects of the page, together with distribution new Page roles to others.
Page moderator: will produce ads and branded content; send, respond to, and delete messages and comments; and consider insights.
Page analyst: will manage branded content settings and consider insights.
Page editor: will do everything a Page moderator will do and publish because the page.
Page advertiser: will do everything a Page analyst will do and produce ads.

The various roles even have completely different degrees of management over the Instagram account joined to your Facebook page.

Once you’ve appointed the acceptable roles to the correct individuals, click Next.

5. Next, you’ll assign that ad accounts your team members will work on, and what roles they’ll have for every account. like pages, you’ve got many selections supported the responsibilities and levels of access you would like to assign to every member of your team: ad account analyst, ad account admin, or ad account adman. Here’s a fast breakdown:

Ad account admin: will manage all aspects of campaigns, together with redaction charge details and distribution roles to others.
Ad account analyst: solely has access to look at ad performance.
Ad account advertiser: will see, edit, and build new ads.

When you’re pleased with your assignments, click Next. subsequent screen can raise regarding distribution individuals to catalogues, however you’ll be able to skip this for currently, thus click Skip.

You’ll see a notice telling you the way many of us you’ve got value-added to your team and what roles you’ve appointed.

6. Currently you wish to attend for every of the people to just accept your invite to be a part of your Facebook Business Manager team.

They will every receive associate degree email with data regarding the access you’ve given them and a link to urge started, however it might be an honest plan for you to send them a private note or allow them to understand directly that you’re giving them this access and that they ought to expect the machine-controlled email with the link.

You can see all of your unfinished requests from your dashboard, and withdraw them at any time for people that haven’t responded.

If somebody with access leaves your company or switches to a special role, you’ll be able to revoke their permissions. Here’s how:

1. From your Business Manager dashboard, click the gear icon (Business settings) at the highest right.

2. From the individuals and Assets tab, click individuals.

3. Click on the name of the acceptable person, then click take away.

Step 5: Connect your business partners or advertising agency

This won’t apply to you if you’re simply obtaining started with Facebook advertising, however you’ll be able to continuously come to the current step later.

1. From your Business Manager dashboard, click the gear icon (Business settings) at the highest right.

2. Click on the individuals and Assets tab.

3. Choose your Facebook page or ad account, then click Partners within the left column.

4. Click Assign Partner.

5. Select the role you would like to assign to your partner or agency. The roles are an equivalent as represented in Step four on top of.

6. Copy and paste the provided link and send it to your partner or agency to ask them to your Facebook Business Manager, then click shut.

The business you’ve simply value-added will manage permissions for the people on their own groups from their own Facebook Business Manager account. which means you don’t ought to worry regarding distribution and managing permissions for all the individual people that service your account at your agency or partner company, simply the partner company itself.

Step 6: Add your Instagram account

Now that you’ve got your Facebook assets originated, you’ll be able to connect your Instagram account to Facebook Business Manager moreover.

1. From your Business Manager dashboard, click the gear icon (Business settings) at the highest right.

2. Below individuals and Assets, click Instagram Accounts, then click Add. within the pop-up box, enter your Instagram login data and click on Next.

3. If you’ve got quite one ad account, select which of them to link to your Instagram account, then click Next.

You’ll get a pop-up confirming that your Instagram account has been value-added with success. Click Done and you’re set.

The Facebook Business Manager dashboard
Now that you simply have your Facebook Business Manager up and running, it’s your central dashboard for all selling and advertising activities at intervals Facebook. this can be wherever you’ll head to update your page, read page and ad insights, begin new ad campaigns, and so on.

To get a glance the least bit of the functions you’ll be able to access through Facebook Business Manager, simply click on the Business Manager link within the prime left of your dashboard. You’ll see everything counter-mined into 5 categories: arrange, produce & Manage, live & Report, Assets, and Settings.

We’ve simply walked you through assets and settings. however before you dive into that fun produce & Manage section by making your 1st ad, there’s an extra step build sure|to confirm} you’ll be able to make the foremost out of the platform: putting in place Facebook Pixels.

Step 7: Originated Facebook Pixels

What’s a Facebook Pixel? place merely, it’s alittle little bit of code that Facebook generates for you. once you place this code on your web site, it uses cookies permit|to convey|to grant|to relinquish} you access to data which will allow you to trace conversions, optimize Facebook ads, build targeted audiences for your ads, and remarket to leads.

We advocate putting in place your Facebook constituent directly, even though you’re not able to begin your 1st effort nevertheless, as a result of the data it provides currently are valuable once you ar able to begin advertising.

Our complete guide to victimisation Facebook constituents could be a nice resource that walks you through everything you wish to understand regarding creating the most effective use of the data a Facebook pixel will offer. For now, let’s get your constituent originated from at intervals Facebook Business Manager.

1. From your Business Manager dashboard, click the gear icon (Business settings).

2. From the individuals and Assets tab, select Pixels from the left-hand menu, then click Add.

3. Enter a reputation (up to fifty characters) for your constituent, then click produce. once you click produce, you’re agreeing to the constituent terms and conditions, thus you ought to browse those before you go to any extent further.

4. Anticipate the constituent to be created, then click originated the constituent currently.

5. Follow the elaborated directions in our Facebook constituent guide to urge the constituent originated on your web site and begin aggregation knowledge.

Keep in mind that you simply will produce up to ten pixels along with your Business Manager.
Bonus: transfer a free guide that teaches you the way to show Facebook traffic into sales in four straightforward steps victimisation Hootsuite.

How to produce your 1st campaign in Facebook Business Manager
Now that your pixels ar in situ, it’s time to launch your 1st Facebook ad.

Step 8: Place your 1st ad

We’ve got a full guide that explains all the strategy and specific details you wish to understand to form compelling and effective Facebook ads. So here, we’ll simply walk you through the steps you wish to require to urge an advert up and running in Business Manager.

1. From your Business Manager dashboard, click Business Manager on the highest left.

2. Below the produce & Manage tab, click Ads Manager, then click the inexperienced produce button.

3. From the pop-up box, click choose radio-controlled Creation.

4. Select your campaign objective, target your audience, set your budget and schedule, and select your specific ad sorts following our gradual directions.

And that’s it! With the little quantity of effort endowed nowadays, you’ve got everything centralized in one spot, and you’re able to use Facebook Business Manager to create the foremost of your Facebook ads and selling efforts.

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