How to Sneak in a Film Set and Get Away with It4 min read

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Did you ever dream of entering on a big-scale film set? Wandering around famous actors and directors, and watching the movie as it comes to life? Well, let me tell you how to make it come true – without being hired and 100% illegally, of course. It is worth noting that Soapbox does not condone illegal activity and this article is all my own experiences and views.

Sometimes it can be just a matter of luck; other times, it’s a result of a careful plan. But most of the times, it’s a combination of both. What you will need is determination, guts, and very good improvisation skills.

When I read the news that Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson was about to try to change the history of cinema forever – in London – I knew that I had to be involved, somehow. In fact, the actor aimed to write, direct and perform in a feature film about a disastrous misadventure happened to himself in London, 15 years ago. Since its birth, cinema belonged to the past; it relays on images that were shot months, years earlier. And this is exactly the convention that Harrelson decided to break: he broadcasted his directorial debut in more than 500 cinemas in the Unites States, as it was being filmed in a single take on the streets of London at 2:00 am. For the first time in the history of the Seventh Art, cinema was “Live”.

After recruiting a group of four friends on a Thursday night, we headed to London, in search of the secret filming location. One of the first thing to look at, is the presence of huge, white trucks: every production employs them, as they are essential to carry all the equipment and crew – and they are very easy to spot. Security, police officers or closed streets are also an alert signal. But we could not find any of these, after wandering around Soho without a clue for about an hour. The internet was not helping us, keeping any detail a secret for safety reasons. As I mentioned earlier, luck always plays a big role: suddenly, we found a random pedicab that was aware of the filming location, and thus he brought us on set.

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