How To Set Powerful Energetic Daily Rituals To Achieve Your Goals5 min read

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I am a freelancer blogger as well as web developer.I like to write some articles about motivation, entrepreneurship and life hack etc。At the same time, I will travel from place to place, I am also like record down beautiful attractions as well as the exotic culture ...

Nowadays, we are too busy with our work and study. Every time we are busy and exhausted due to the onerous tasks. In order to complete these given tasks from every area of the life, we used to drain out of our last energy and function like a working machine without vigor.

Every time we hope we can present ourselves with a fresh spirit in the life and feel the true moment of the life.But how can we achieve those in this kind of busy world? Here are some ways which I personally think it is definitely useful to handle this problem. At least I found myself energized and excited on the way of purchasing my dream goals.

Get up early and get a 15 mins warm-up


The most effective way to gain your energy and fresh mind is getting up early and do some warm-up exercise.According to the human body, it would be best for you can get up at 6-7am. Because that time your body starts to wake up and absorb the new stuff of the day. Then you should make full use of this period time to do some stretch or some oxygenated exercise around 15-20 mins to faster the reviving process.

Meditate yourself with a clear mind


After finishing the exercise, your body starts to wake up and function.Then it is the best time for you to calm down and focus yourself on meditation.This is a vital moment as you need to connect your body and mind together.At this moment you need to think four aspects:

  • Self-recognization

Ask yourself about these questions like who are you? what is your role in your social circle etc to get clarity on your role.

  • Things you want in your life

What kind of goals do you want to achieve? (short-term goal, long-term goal…) answer the questions and motivate yourself.

  • Self-incantation

Give yourself confidence( for example I will keep telling my self I can do it; I can achieve my goals within expected time; I am the best; I am invincible etc ).While it sounds a bit funny and silly, it actually works and your mind starts to believe it. Eventually, it will bring you the unexpected power to help you achieve the goal of the day.

  • Be grateful

Nowadays there is a lot of complaints surrounding us, which toxics our life. We all actually understand the complaining can’t provide us any good result but only block us from achieving our goals. And I am finding that if you start to be grateful for something(even some little things), it will make you feel better and stop complaining about the rest. If you are the first time doing this,  maybe you can try three things that you are grateful. It will definitely bring you different feelings at the same time make you feel much better about the day.

Make a plan for the day


After finishing this physical and spiritual preparation, you need to make a plan for your day. While I suggest having a brief about the plan last night, so it won’t  take too much time in next morning.

  • Set priority –When do planning, you need to understand the priority.Which one is most important and which one is the least. Usually, I will put the most difficult thing in the early morning or in the evening to settle as it won’t be disturbed by other small things.


  • Estimate the executive time for each task – Set a time frame is also important as it can maximize the effectiveness of the work to prevent procrastination.

Repeat mediation cycle and review your goals

When we are completing tasks, sometimes we may feel distressed and lost motivation.Or sometimes we are too busy and forget the reason why we are doing this. So it is the time for us calm down and reinforce the thoughts that I mentioned early to reignite ourselves.

Summarize the day

A good review of the day will give you a lot of useful information as well as the achievements. You are going to check the task you completed.(Which one you are doing good and which one you still need to improve. ) Having a good summarization will keep you moving forward. When you are looking back the things you have done, you will get enormous achievements and enjoyments.

Reward yourself


Usually when I successfully complete a big task and I will treat myself to a good meal. It is a tactic to reward yourself as you really worked hard and did a great job for yourself.

When comes about the rewards it can be everything.Something you like to do or some stuff you are always craving for.Once you received you will feel happy and satisfied. It also will recognize that all your hardworking is worthy.While some people prefer ‘book’ a reward when start planning. For example, you can plan that you will buy your favorite shoes once you complete this task within one month….

When you are eager to achieve your goals, you need to make every single day as your best day. You need the energy to do those things that can achieve your goal. So I think this article would be much help to achieve your goal. Wish you like this article.If you have any opinions or questions just leave some comments below. If you are interested, you can explore more related articles or information over here.

BY Phoebus pan

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Phoebus pan

I am a freelancer blogger as well as web developer.I like to write some articles about motivation, entrepreneurship and life hack etc。At the same time, I will travel from place to place, I am also like record down beautiful attractions as well as the exotic culture ...