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Eric Burdon
Eric Burdon is a Youtuber and Blogger. He talks about positivity, his journey, and a growth oriented mindset.

As a writer, or really any person in any industry, networking is really important. For me, I see networking for writers as a means of having a conversation but also offering to write guest posts. One of the strongest ways to grow is to be doing that. But what does it take to pitch to the best?

I know pitching in general is a scary thing. It took me roughly a year to be comfortable enough to post on blogging community sites like this one amongst others. However over the time I’ve been posting on here and on other sites, I built up enough confidence to pitch to a large blogging site.

The best thing is that the two pieces I submitted are likely to be posted!

So today I want to share that experience, but also talk about how to pitch to the best and get approved.

Start Off Small

It can be awfully tempting to be going right towards a large influencer from the start with your pitching, but resist that urge. At least for a little while.

Unless you’ve figured out your writing style and your own blog is a decent size (200+ average monthly page views), then it’s smarter to start building your name by approaching smaller bloggers. Whether that’s through hunting them down through social media or finding a blogging directorate, I believe it’s important to start small.

For one, it allows people to take you seriously. They see that you’ve posted your work on other sites and that you’re growing your skills.

Not only that but it goes back to helping your niche or community. Regardless of the size, any person who shares another’s content does make a difference on some level.

Build A Connection From The Inside

When you are pitching to the best, one strategy that I find helpful is to start building a connection with someone who’s a member or contributor there. Much like with landing a job, a lot of times it can boil down to who you know in the company.

The same case is true when pitching. Open up with questions and all around start a conversation with the person. Tie it off with when you’re sending a pitch to the blog site, mention the person you chatted with.

Show That You Care And Praise Them

In every one of my pitches, I make sure that the person knows I looked at their site. How I do this is by complimenting their work and even pay attention to tiny details that they wrote. Whether it’s in their about page or in a post in general.

This gives you a bit of a personality so you’re not using the same blanket statement all the time. It also shows that you care about their work. Even if this blog gets hundreds or thousands of people seeing their content daily, monthly, whatever, being told that is still meaningful.

Focus On What You Can Offer Them

Finally you want to be focusing your pitch on what you can do them. In order to do this you need to have read through some of the sites content. It something you seriously shouldn’t gloss over. After all you could become a regular contributor so understanding the general writing style and vision is important.

When pitching to the best, or even to the small, you want the attention to be on them. Talk about what sort of post ideas you have in mind that would be a good fit on their site. Or even what you can do for them on your own site.

When it comes to pitching in general, people already presume you are looking to gain something out of it. It’s the nature of selling something to someone, both parties are looking to gain. But by focusing on them, it goes to show that you are paying attention to their work. That you’re not pitching to them for the sake of landing a big post and then leaving.

You are pitching to them because you want to start a relationship with them.

Try These Techniques Out…

And let me know how you do in the comments below. Whether you land a big client or a small one, I believe it’s important that we approach people in this manner. When you help people, be genuine, and focus on starting a relationship it can set you up for massive success.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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Eric Burdon

Eric Burdon

Eric Burdon is a Youtuber and Blogger. He talks about positivity, his journey, and a growth oriented mindset.