How Can An IT Infrastructure Service Provider Benefit Your Business?

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Tarun Aarya

Tarun is a Digital Marketing enthusiast who loves to write about all things digital, tech, and marketing.

In the modern day business world, information technology has a critical role to play in running the day-to-day operations of the firm.  Only with the help of an efficient IT infrastructure planning and implementation can the organizations keep their IT applications and the related services up and running with high availability, scalability, and security.

An IT infrastructure solutions and services provider has a significant role to play in managing the complexities of the business through the various solutions provided by it.

Let’s take a look at how these solutions can benefit you.

Unified Communications

It integrates the various communication tools into a single system that allows the businesses to manage all forms of the communication efficiently. With the help of unified communication, the employees can do video conferences while working from home. The can receive work-related emails while traveling and make calls to their co-workers.

Limitation Of Traditional Systems

A traditional phone system can’t meet all the requirements and demands of the employees as they limit the customer service. They have a single point of failure means they can cause significant downtime in your business. All these things interfere with the growth of the company.

Benefits of Unified Communication Solution

It integrates the full suite of communication tools in one system and boosts employee productivity.  Some benefits of the various features it provides are:

  • Voice Messaging

It allows employees can record, replay, retrieve and forward email messages from a single store.

  • Video Conferencing

It provides the employees with access to real-time & active connections which fosters collaboration & greater accessibility.

  • Remote Working

With the help of these solutions, the employees can easily access all the work related data and work remotely.

Thus with unified communications, the productivity and communications are unaffected by the circumstances that stop traditional phone systems in their racks.

Server Virtualization

It has been a great technology in the hands of the data center professionals who are under continuous pressure to give continuous uptime to the mission critical applications. Here are some of the benefits of the virtualization:

Server Consolidation

It collapses the physical servers into virtual servers and reduces the number of the physical servers. This leads to a lot of savings in power and cooling costs. This also means reducing the footprint of the data center, diesel generator costs, UPS costs, network switch costs, rack space and the floor space.

Curtailing Server Sprawl

In the absence of the server virtualization, the IT operators were forced to over-provision servers to ensure that they would meet the user demand. Server virtualization means there is no more extra-provisioning as the administrators can right size the machines.

Moving Running Virtual Machines Is Easy

One of the major features of the server virtualization is that they move a running virtual machine from one host to the other with no downtime.

Uptime is Significantly Increased

There are features like VMotion, Storage VMotion, etc., & they all result in virtualized servers being up and running more than their physical counterparts. Furthers there are minor issues to deal with as well.

Simplified Disaster Recovery

As the virtual machines are hardware independent, they can restore an image based back-up of any hardware that can run vSphere. Further features like site recovery manager automate the testing and failover when a disaster strikes.

Your IT infrastructure solutions and service provider can take are of these challenges and can bring significant savings as well.

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Tarun Aarya

Tarun is a Digital Marketing enthusiast who loves to write about all things digital, tech, and marketing.

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