Hixtape Hoax – Or The Mixtape Of The Year?2 min read

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If you aren’t already a part of kpop Twitter then you may not have heard the biggest mystery in the industry right now, and no, its not what the real meaning of ‘Gangnam Style’ was. Its the question everyone is asking: when will Hixtape drop?

Hixtape is the forthcoming and majorly hyped mixtape of Jung Hoseok, aka, J-Hope, the bubbly dance leader and 3rd rapper from the triple threat boy group BTS, who recently won Top Social Artist at the BBMA’s in Los Angeles. It will be the third consecutive mixtape from the group’s rapline, following band mates, Suga, and Rap Monster.

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Many fans are tipping this release to outdo its predecessors especially in the wake of post-BBMA’s popularity, making BTS the most successful kpop act around right now. One must wonder, among the social madness, what subject matter will Hixtape explore?

The group are synonymous with addressing societal issues relating to young people and the struggles of modern life. So it goes without saying that the songs will surely be a mix of swagger and attitude in the hip-hop and trap genres, with slower more sensitive tracks which will touch the heart of its listeners.

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But what personal issues will J-Hope discuss, and will the tape even be released soon?

With so many people anticipating Hixtape within the next few days or weeks, it will be a rare opportunity, once again, for fans to get into the mind of their favourite idol, to explore their anxieties and eccentricities one on one, with no press, no media distraction, no holds barred, simply the words and melodies speaking for themselves.

While the hype could still be a sophisticated marketing technique to promote the group’s imminent comeback in August, preempting a surprise release of a new BTS album, trends suggest that late summer is prime time for self published music, with the other members’ solo ventures dropping at around the same time in previous years.

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Fans are in agony waiting for any news, SoundCloud updates or other clues to the whereabouts of this project, for them, and for brand new entrants to the fandom, aptly named Army, let’s hope it’s soon!

Whatever happens, we wish Jung Hoseok every luck in the world with his creation, we are sure it will be a masterpiece!

Fighting! ✊?

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Laura Whitaker

Writer, graduate, freelancer, ARMY • Seen in Memories of Barnsley magazine • Creator of BTS BEAT NEWS •