Respect, Discipline & Accepting others – Have We Lost Our Attitudes From Not Too Long Ago?2 min read

Have we changed so much over the past few decades? As I look around, like everyone at some time or another, I compare things now to how it was when I was younger. Looking back I think about the lessons and attitudes I was raised on, respect, discipline and generally to be aware of other people’s differences in life.

I look at my own children knowing these same values are what they will be raised upon to the best of my ability. I know I’ll get some right and some wrong. Luckily I have the support of a great Fiancée with that!

Where I look at the reflection and the comparison of attitudes, some are clear as day. For instance, look at how punishments have moved from being more physical to more mental and material. Others have been more subtle over time but have crept up, eg, the reliance on government benefits etc though this is in more limited areas than a general lifestyle.

Though we all have different outlooks on life we have moved into a new age where it seems easily accepted now to want things in life that people have not worked for. To top it off, there appears to be less respect for those who do work hard these things. The question is ‘have we moved so far away from the idea that we get what we earn?’ This does not mean those who should be supported ie, – Parents, disabled people etc but those who do not work by choice.

The next thing is the approach to children now. As time goes on, it seem more prevelant that parents are being made to be afraid of action and interpretation from things like social services involvements and suchlike. More and more parents are alienated from what they believe is right by what they are told is safe .

On the other side of the coin, so to speak, is that we’re told that it’s now almost acceptable for younger people to follow illegal activities like smoking and drinking below age instead of being taught why these laws are there.

Now I know I sound like a groaning old man but just touching on a few points from this issue and I understand it’s open to interpretation… so some will agree, some will disagree!

To finish up, the main difference that upsets me for the from years gone by is…how can a 5p Freddo now be 35p!!!

Have our attitudes and values shifted?

Have out attitudes and values shifted? Are there less children being brought up on the virtues of respect, discipline & accepting others? Express your views in the comment boxes below.

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