What Happened When I Ate Bread

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Lara Jezeph
Web: www.larajezeph.com Email: [email protected] FB Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/digestivehealth/

I am not trying to scare monger people about carbohydrates. I think Dr Atkins has done a great job of that already. I just want to bring your attention to ‘noticing what you notice’ when you eat, and its not all about bloating and constipation. Now I eat carbohydrates, I just get them from other sources like sweet potatoes, gluten free oats and rice due to my gluten and yeast intolerances. I love testing things out so this time so I decided to consume six slices of thick cut granary bread in a day… the equivalent to having three sandwiches. What I noticed was so shocking and surprising that I documented it all to put together this article.

What I noticed after eating bread

First off, I was in heaven, (I love bread, it just doesn’t love me) but then the bloating hit, severely, I looked six months pregnant. I started getting really achy joints, behind my knees and hips then I craved sugary foods the rest of the evening. That night, I didn’t sleep very well at all I was very unsettled and my mind was erratic. In the morning I was still slightly swollen in the belly and I was constipated as well.

Not only that, I had really smelly gas and I noticed I had a swollen throat. My glands had come up and, to top it off, I was in a bad mood. I don’t know if the bad mood was because I hadn’t slept or because my digestion was upset. As I have mentioned before and with numerous studies now, the brain and the gut are linked so an inflamed gut can effect the brain, hence the bad moods. I was also experiencing a dull earache, which lasted all morning.

To say that I won’t be eating bread again is an understatement. This test was to explain to people that what you put into your bodies could have a huge effect on your overall health and wellbeing. Even if you are not intolerant to gluten and yeast, your diet will still affect your health.

Overall the UK’s top three tummy issues include: wind, bloating or flatulence (62%), followed by indigestion (53%) and diarrhoea (50%) [1].

Consuming a diet loaded with processed food could affect you more than just indigestion and bloating. Certain foods actually cause an inflammatory response on your body, which if ignored could lead to illnesses. I am not talking about a cold here. I mean chronic illnesses caused from inflammation in the body like diabetes, arthritis, depression and cancer.

If you experience symptoms like bloating, gas, fatigue, constipation and intolerances, consider working with a health coach who specialises in gut health and wellbeing. Prevent your symptoms from getting worse now.

To book a FREE Gut Health Breakthrough session to find out what symptoms could be affecting your health and how we can prevent them and get you to reach your goals then click on the link direct to my calendar.

Talk about your symptoms

Do you suffer the same way I do when eating bread of gluten? If you are willing to share, please let us know your symptoms and (if possible) your condition or diagnosis in the comment box below. Any tips you can give to your fellow readers would be appreciated as well.


I am raising money to support people on their health journey and to raise awareness around the power of the gut and how we can heal ourselves from the inside out before it gets to late. Inflammation can lead to chronic illnesses and I want to work with more people to prevent that from happening.



[1] http://www.mintel.com/press-centre/beauty-and-personal-care/86-of-brits-have-suffered-from-a-gastrointestinal-problem-in-the-past-year

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Lara Jezeph

Lara Jezeph

Web: www.larajezeph.com Email: [email protected] FB Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/digestivehealth/