Football Fans Have Forgotten Their Identity4 min read

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It is very possible that while reading this you’re going to be offended. If you are it’s probsbly because the truth is really painful. However, you will think that what I am saying represents a football fan that you are ashamed of. But take a long look in the mirror, you are no different…we have all lost the plot.

Arsenal got beat by Man United yesterday. So as usual, I went and watched a little bit of Arsenal Fan TV. As per usual, they have gone absolutely bananas. From blaming the personal, to the tactics to even organizing a boxing match for the end of the season between two fans. It’s actually stupid. Now I know you’re thinking that those fans are not like you, you turn up and get behind your team! But as I said earlier…just take a look in the mirror. Truly think about it.

I was in the Kop for Liverpool vs Chelsea. When I entered that stadium there was one thing on my mind. I was to sing my heart out for 90 minutes and support Jurgen’s reds. After all, that is our job as fans right?

Now yes, I am not stupid, when you have a large amount of fans in the ground there to admire the other fans singing and not doing so themselves, it makes it tougher. So, if you are going to the ground get online and learn the words to the songs. Your job as a fan is not to criticize the manager during the game. It is not to beg for substitutions to be made. And it is definitely not to question a starting line up before a ball was kicked.

If I was good enough to play football at a higher level, I would’ve. If you were good enough to play football at a higher level, you would’ve. If I was tactically smarter than Jurgen Klopp I would be the manager of Barcelona not a small youth football team where 22 kids showed up to tryouts.

What a football manager in the Premier League has forgotten about the game I will probably never know. Yet, we as fans bash players during the game. Simon Mignolet tries to build out the back and the Kop get on his back to boot it long. Jordan Henderson keeps the game simple and the Kop gets on him for not being more adventurous. Myself included. I thought he was awful against Chelsea. And yes it is extremely difficult, but when our captain was having a bad game we should’ve been singing his name, not slating him. Now this is not only Liverpool fans. Get on Twitter and type in any players name from Jonjo Shelvey to Paul Pogba. If they have had a bad game their own fans have absolutely ripped them to shreds. If the fans do not like the team selection, they go absolutely bananas before a ball has even been kicked! You are not a player. You are not a manager. If you could’ve been one you would’ve been one. Support your team for 90 minutes! Then alright, share your opinion after!

In the 85th minute Chelsea equalized. Was it a shot, was it a cross…who cares. Why were people leaving the main stand behind Klopp. Would you have turned the TV off at home? My word. An absolute disgrace! That is the exact moment you are meant to get behind your team! But, instead it is all Mignolet’s fault. If you were stood in the goal you would’ve saved it right? The entertainment value in a football match is not watching center midfielders pass 15 yard balls backwards! It’s singing with the fans in the crowd and making a memorable atmosphere!

So, if you find yourself yelling at players during the game. If you find yourself questioning the manager before the game and during the game. And most importantly, if you have showed up to a game and looked at people like they are idiots for singing. If you don’t know the words to the song and aren’t singing. And worst of all, if you are complaining at the players and manager and not singing. Then this article is for you! We as fans have a job to do for 90 minutes! Do not try and be more important than you are! Football without the fans is nothing, it’s time to remember why!

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