Foods To Eat This Summer For Glowing Skin

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Do you want to have an awesome time this summer and look stunning? Start preparing early and load up on the most essential nutrients now; preferably by eating superfoods because they are a powerhouse of skin-restoring ingredients. Here’s our guide for the best superfoods for glowing skin:


People don’t realize this about tomatoes but they are full of antioxidants and will in fact, reverse much of the damage caused by staying out in the sun for too long. They contain a compound called lycopene, and it’s this little compound that protects the skin from environmental damage, meaning pollution, sun exposure, etc. Normally, sun exposure leads to wrinkles, lines, dryness, and dark spots; however, individuals with a high amount of lycopene in the blood don’t have extensive skin damage.

Green Tea

You’ve heard by now that green tea is extremely therapeutic; but how many of us actually take time to sip some green tea? It’s a habit that can lead you to have smoother skin, fewer toxins in the body, and the complete disappearance of dark circles. Green tea and blueberries contain quercetin, a compound that functions as an antioxidant and actually fights cancer.


Apart from being high in vitamin C, blackberries also contain the acid quercetin, and this makes them ideal for treating the skin, or providing it what it needs to be toxin-free and without the bumps and the whiteheads. Vitamin C is essential in skin care, and the best sources are always fruits and vegetables. Blackberries also keep your skin hydrated in warm weather.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is extremely valuable in skin care especially because of its ability to reduce wrinkles and for hydrating skin. For the best results, use extra virgin coconut oil, and read up on the health benefits of coconut oil to learn more about how you can use it to improve your health.  

Bell Peppers

These are some of the best body foods anywhere. Bell peppers contain high amounts of carotenoids, which the body needs to keep skin smooth and soft. They also help to balance sebum production, keeping pimples away. To get clear skin, eat bell pepper regularly with your meals, and stay hydrated especially if you’re spending a lot of time outdoors on the move.


Walnuts are rich in fiber and healthy fats, which improve digestion and absorption of nutrients. Walnuts are also antioxidant, meaning they help skin remove toxins and free radicals. Once toxins are eliminated, the skin restores itself to the best condition, and infections are reduced drastically.


Summer is all about enjoying the outdoors, spending time with friends, going out, and enjoying good food. Just don’t forget to compensate with enough fruits and vegetables to keep the supply of nutrients going. To get your Vitamin C, potassium, and collagen restoring properties, eat more blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries. This will give you the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that keep skin healthy.

Remember to stay hydrated through the summer and limit the time you spend in the sun. Sunscreen should be used to reduce damage to the cell and irritation from too much exposure. It’s not enough to supply your body with nutrients; you also have to protect it from damaging ultra violet rays.

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Foods To Eat This Summer …

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