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Gabby Hill

The Purpose behind Travel Blogs & More

The purpose of my website is to raise awareness of the different ways you can enjoy travel experiences. We will accomplish this by publishing travel experiences from travelers across the world on multiple travel topics/destinations.

There will be a minimum of 6 Travel experience interviews a month posted on our official website at Travel experience interviews are done based on specific Travel topics, to help travelers better understand that particular way of travel through another traveler’s personal travel experience. If you are a Travel Blogger and you volunteer to be interviewed we will also happily post the link to your Blog Site with your interview for viewers to visit your Blog Site at.

To be interviewed for one of the main Travel topics you must submit a brief description of your Travel experience to our Official website at .

On behalf of Traveling Charms Travel Group If your interview is posted you will be sent Destination Charm and Charm Bracelet in representation of your Travel Experience on as a token of appreciation for your voluntary participation to our website.

We look forward to reading some beautiful Travel Experience stories and possibly seeing you at our upcoming events.

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