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Andrew Turner

Andrew Turner

Freelance Writer. History Graduate from the University of Southampton. Reviews Films, TV and Video Games and you can also find the reviews I publish here on my personal blog

To say that Stranger Things has been a positive influence on the career of David Harbour is an understatement. When that Netflix Original blew up, so did David Harbour and he has not looked back ever since. For me, his character in Stranger Things, Chief Jim Hopper, is one of the best things about that show. Moreover, he has landed himself the role of Hellboy in the upcoming reboot scheduled for a release in 2019. In an interview with Collider, Harbour talked about both Stranger Things and Hellboy.

Stranger Things

Here is what David Harbour had to say on Season 2 of Stranger Things:

When I first read the scripts, I was really excited because the Duffers really started to open up the world and take it in a whole new direction. Of course, I was nervous because I think the arc of Hopper is so complete and so wonderful in Season 1. It was such a joy to crack. In Season 2, I get to play the same character and that’s good ‘cause I understand him somewhat, but I also had to play an entirely different arc that’s hopefully going to be as satisfying. Otherwise, there’s no reason to watch him anymore. That was terrifying to do”.

David Harbour Hopper Stranger Things

David Harbour also gave his thoughts on the future of Stranger Things:

The idea is to do four or five seasons, the Duffers have said, and I feel like, if we can do Season 2, we can do 3, 4 and 5 with no sweat. Right now, the world is so open. Hopper, at the end of two, kind of adopts Eleven, and the Upside Down still exists, even though we closed the gate. There’s just so much story there, with the tension with Joyce, his adopting of Eleven, and his relationship with all the kids, even the teens, and then you have all of these backstories. He went to Vietnam, and we haven’t gotten into that, at all. In the ‘60s, he was in Vietnam, and then he went to New York and was a cop there for awhile, around the time of Frank Serpico. The tapestry is just so huge and wide and beautiful”.

It is great to see David Harbour have such enthusiasm for Stranger Things. It gives me confidence that Season 3 will be great.

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Hellboy was also a point of discussion:

It was the hardest shoot I’ve ever done, primarily because there are just so many stunts in it. It’s a very action-packed movie. There’s a lot of story, too, and a lot of big scenes, but there’s a lot of action. There’s a lot of me running around, jumping and turning, and punching stuff. It’s crazy! I’m 42, and the fact that no one asked me to do this in my 20s is so insulting. Why did I have to become a super-monster in my 40s?! My bones are not the same as they used to be. It was very hard, in that way, but it’s also really thrilling ‘cause I get to carve out an entirely new mythos to this guy and I get to play on this big palette of witches and giants and demons. To me, it’s very Shakespearean”.

David Harbour Hellboy

I love that, as a character, he’s such a complicated guy. In a certain way, he has a bit of the same dynamic as Hopper, where he’s very conflicted about who he is and he’s caught between two worlds. He develops a shtick to live, that could be charming to some and annoying to others. To me, it’s the kernel or essence of him that I find so fascinating and that I relate to so much. He’s a half-demon/half-man who’s lost in this world where he fights for human beings against monsters, so to speak, and yet he is part monster”.

I am not excited for Hellboy. But, again, the passion David Harbour shows for that property is great to see.

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Andrew Turner

Andrew Turner

Freelance Writer. History Graduate from the University of Southampton. Reviews Films, TV and Video Games and you can also find the reviews I publish here on my personal blog