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Andrew Turner

Andrew Turner

Reviews Films, TV and Video Games and you can also find the reviews I publish here on my personal blog

Arguably, the Sundance Film Festival is one of the most anticipated events for film fans across the world. This is especially true for those who love independent film because those films dominate at this festival. Moreover, the films that are featured at Sundance are usually the ones who get a lot of award recognition later in the year. Indeed, Call Me By Your Name premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and it is now considered to be one of the front-runners to get various Oscar nominations, including Best Picture.

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What films will be at Sundance 2018?

It has been revealed that a grand total of 110 films will be featured at Sundance 2018, 99 of which will be making their world premiere at this prestigious film festival. It is unusual to get all the films that will be featured at Sundance Film Festival to be released all at once. It seems like those who are behind the festival are trying something different in this regard. Films of note from the line-up include the directorial debuts of Paul Dano and Idris Elba with Wildlife and Yardie respectively.

Carey Mulligan

Wildlife includes talent such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Carey Mulligan so be sure to keep an eye on that film and the reception it receives. Additionally, actors such as Daisy Ridley, Paul Rudd, Tessa Thompson, Janina Gavankar, Elle Fanning, Jeffrey Wright and Kristen Stewart all have films that will be showcased at Sundance. This makes me believe even more that those who are lucky enough to attend Sundance 2018 are going to see a diverse range of great films.

When is Sundance 2018?

The films at Sundance Film Festival 2018 will be shown, as usual, in Park City, Utah and this year’s festival will take place from the 18th – 28th January, 2018 which is not that far away. I cannot wait to here all the reactions coming out of this festival and to get a rough idea of the films that I should be keeping an eye on when they have a wider release later in the year.

Sundance Film Festival

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Andrew Turner

Andrew Turner

Reviews Films, TV and Video Games and you can also find the reviews I publish here on my personal blog