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Andrew Turner

Andrew Turner

Reviews Films, TV and Video Games and you can also find the reviews I publish here on my personal blog

Justice League has been one of the most anticipated films of the year despite both the troubles its production has gone through and the divisiveness of the DCEU. Certainly, I can say for myself that my expectations for this film were raised due to how much I enjoyed Wonder Woman. However, Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad still leave a sour taste in some people’s mouths which means that the anticipation for Justice League has partly been influenced by curiosity rather than confidence about its quality.

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The Reception To Justice League

Justice League has now been released and it is safe to say that Justice League is not universally beloved. Indeed, at the moment, it holds a 39% rating on Rotten Tomatoes which means that roughly four out of ten film critics like the film enough to give it a positive score. Nowadays, Rotten Tomatoes is a very valuable tool for audiences to use in deciding whether they should spend their money on seeing a film. As such, if a film gets a poor critical reception then, more often than not, that film will do worse at the box office than one which gets universal acclaim from film critics.


Justice League Suffers At The Box Office

Sadly, Justice League is a victim of this reality. Before its release, it was very safe to assume that, despite the divisiveness of the DCEU, Justice League would make over $100 million at the U.S. box office. Shockingly, according to the estimates which are rarely wrong, Justice League is set to make $96 million at the U.S. box office for its opening weekend which would bring its worldwide total at this time to $281.5 million. Clearly, this is the reaction that many have had to this news:

Usually, when a film makes this sort of money, it is a great achievement. However, Justice League has a reported budget of $300-350 million so it puts the film in a position where it could struggle to make a meaningful amount of money. Justice League may have to rely on foreign box office markets to make its money back. More importantly, since Batman v. Superman, the DCEU has had diminishing returns on its films when it comes to the opening weekend at the U.S. box office.

What Do I Think This Means For The DCEU Going Forward?

Honestly, I would not be surprised if this is the final nail in the coffin for the DCEU, at least in its current incarnation. A return this disappointing for a film as big as Justice League is extremely bad for Warner Bros. and they surely cannot continue to go down the path they are currently going on. With the exception of Wonder Woman, every film in the DCEU has been divisive with both critics and audiences and to have this continue with future DCEU films is not good for business.


I expect to hear more news about the future of the DCEU in the coming weeks and months. Hopefully, DC and Warner Bros. will take stock from all of this, learn the lessons from the mistakes they have made and formulate a project that can yield successful results for DC films whether they are standalone films or part of a connected universe such as the DCEU.

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Andrew Turner

Andrew Turner

Reviews Films, TV and Video Games and you can also find the reviews I publish here on my personal blog