Festival Fashion Favourites: Top Picks for Summer 2017

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Ah, spring time… the weather starts getting better, the promise of summer isn’t too far away, and those winter blues are heading out the door.. That means one thing, Festival season is upon us..

Whether you are going to Coachella, Summerfest, Download or Bestival, its important to look the part, here are some of my top picks for festival fashion, with a handy checklist for festival staples..

Firstly, the reason why festivals seem so popular in the fashion world is the creativity of the outfits you can put together. Its one of the few places you can drown yourself in glitter and tie dye and be accepted.

My first staple is a hat, regardless of if you are in the UK or US, its always a good idea to be sun conscious and these hats from New Look are perfect for looking cool while its hot out there. A wide brim suits many a face shape and can contribute to a capsule wardrobe.

Second is a cover up. This a great way to add layers to an outfit, cover up from the sun, and add a boho/fashion statement to any outfit. This one is from H&M is beautiful, fashion forward and can be worn with a combination of garments.

Next is jewellery. With chokers and leather string necklaces taking centre stage this year, why not layer some necklaces up to create a striking look, and add a bit of festival chic to a plain outfit? Or completely forgo necklaces altogether and shine in a simple pair of hoops, with bangles and arm cuffs?

Festival fashion has always been diverse, with a few classic looks reappearing year after year. You should always feel comfortable in what you are wearing and that’s the accessory that I would recommend the most..

Make up/ hair accessories

If a hat just isn’t for you, why not invest in a statement headpiece? Flower crowns are cliché, but can be beautifully worn regardless of outfit. Alternately, why not wear these hair clips designed with Coachella in mind, via H&M?

GLITTER… Worn on the face, body or hair. Glitter is THE festival staple, but please bear in mind to do a tester session on your skin at least a week beforehand, and use glitter safe glue!

Make up is a vital piece of Festival Fashion. With an emphasis on creativity, why not paint your face to your hearts content? Coloured eyeliners, bright nails, face paint and matte lips are all the rage this season, but find products that are easy to apply, easy to store and don’t forget that setting spray! Waterproof make up is also a must, as festivals are likely to get HOT!

Festival Checklist

Here is a really good list of things its worth packing in that backpack to ensure a happy and safe time!

  • Phone charger, clothing stores such as New Look and Primark sell power banks, as well as supermarkets and online stores, its worth getting one to ensure a full battery all weekend!
  • Baby wipes. Trust me, they are a godsend in a muddy field with little showering facilities!
  • Portable water bottle
  • Medical info/ I.D
  • Bags for rubbish/dirty clothes
  • Dry shampoo/talc powder
  • Camping gear
  • Contraceptives
  • Sun tan lotion

There is a good few lists out there, check out the Glastonbury website for more

What would you take with you?

Let me know if I missed anything, and feel free to share your festival snaps with me! What essentials do you take with you?

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