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Lara Jezeph
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Do you struggle with eating right, whilst juggling a food intolerance of specific diet? Or do you find there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get work done whilst preparing the right food, and taking care of yourself?

City life can be relentless at times. Long hours, not enough sleep, trying to fit in enough exercise. All this can be hard enough, but if you also have to manage food intolerances or diet restrictions, it can become overwhelming. You end up just grabbing a sandwich and a bag of crisps on the run or you don’t bother eating until you get home and by then you are starving and can end up eating bad food anyway. What is best to pick for the best, especially if you’re in a rush? Well this depends on your health goals of course but I have listed below my top favourite places to eat on the run to ensure a decent level of good fats, carbs and protein to keep your energy up for the day. Also making sure intolerances are taken into consideration and that is always harder when you’re looking for something quick rather than a sit down meal in a restaurant for example.

Balancing work and nutrition.

Lets have a look at my top favourite chains around London that someone on a busy schedule could go to and not feel ill or guilty after eating.


Coconut latte (organic coffee) Teriyaki Salmon Salad (seaweed and fermented salad rest for probiotics)

Protein pots – egg and spinach

Daily Greens – less sugar as not much fruit

Carrot Juice 100%

Joe and the Juice

Make up your own green juice with minimal fruit, mostly green and purple veggies


Raw veg cleanse

Sushi is a great balanced lunch especially sashimi.


Bone broth for gut healing

1 protein and 2 salads at the food counter


Hot scrambled eggs with smoked salmon

Big mixed bowls of salad

Top tips with what to look out for:

  1. Whole foods. Go for whole ingredients like sweet potato, avocado and chicken for example. These are satisfying, have the right balance of protein, fat and carbs and more suitable for people with intolerances
  2. Remove the sauce. You don’t know what’s in the sauces in things so its best to be safe than sorry and have it affect your gut for the rest of the day. If you need a sauce, ask for olive oil and lemon juice.
  3. Fruit is still sugar. Don’t grab a fruit smoothie – these are full of sugar and you will get a massive drop in the afternoon and crave a sugary treat. We know that 3pm lull all too well.
  4. Drink water. Don’t grab the freebie fizzy drinks at they’re giving out at the station. The energy that hit gives you will drop quickly so keep yourself on an even energy level and drink loads of water. At least 2 litres a day and then see how much energy you have, trust me!

These are some options to help give you ideas about foods that you may enjoy and are suitable when you’re caught without food in the day. Its important to note that you’re always better off preparing your food and bringing it in to work so you can manage your diet and intolerances the best way possible. I appreciate that we do get caught off guard sometimes so I hope the above give you some helpful tips.


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Lara Jezeph

Lara Jezeph

Web: Email: [email protected] FB Group – Book a Gut Health Breakthrough Session -