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From space-invader thrillers to interstellar battles, mind bending inter-dimensional twists to time-travelling adventures… science fiction films have an ability to capture our imaginations and take us to completely unique places. Whether you are a fan of the classics (2001 – A Space Odyssey, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Star Trek, Star Wars (original trilogy)) or love watching modern sci-fi (Under The Skin, Another Earth, Cloverfield, Ex Machina, Arrival) I have something to recommend to you. DUST!

What is DUST?

DUST is the online source for some of the most spectacular science fiction short movies, series and concepts on the internet at the moment. In their own words, “DUST is the first multi-platform destination to experience stunning visions of the future from filmmakers of tomorrow. We feature the best sci-fi short films, series, and innovative content that cuts through the present to invite the future. With vivid special effects, complex characters, and captivating plots, prescient themes are explored and tantalizing questions asked. Whether it’s a utopia worth striving for, an apocalypse to avoid, or a truth about the ways technology is changing the human experience – we amplify the voices and visions that will shape the future through imagination.”

Sci-fi videos on DUST

You can watch DUST content on their Youtube channel, their Facebook page or on their site. I have included a selection of their work below for you to enjoy.

Similo – by Zac & Mac

Though these robots look the part, this shorts demonstrates that they can’t play it.  This is what a woman discovers when she replaces her diseased lover with a perfectly compliant version of him.  As desperate as she is to love this perfect vision of him, their relationship still falls apart without his human passion and flaws.

Rise – by David Karlak

It’s us or them. This is the dark conclusion that humans have reached in David Karlak’s short film “Rise.” In the near future, robots have developed advanced emotional sophistication and their human creators don’t like it. What should have been a simple and violent extermination of artificial life proves harder when a captured robot demonstrates that the human aggressors are biting off more than they can chew.

Our team loves the short for its impressive visual effects and character driven story. The late Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin delivers an especially strong performance that gets viewers to sympathize with the plight of a creation that is no longer wanted by its creator. Official filmmaker site here.

“Good Business” by Ray Sullivan

Humanity makes a deal with a new client.

Grounded by Kevin Margo

An astronaut survives falling to an unknown planet after a nearly fatal crash but he’s not the only one there. Is he in some sort of crazy halucination or did he really awaken next to his own dead body?

The Black Hole by Phil & Olly

If you could move through any solid object, what would you do? An office drone (Napoleon Ryan) finds a mysterious piece of paper that allows him to pass through solid objects, so he takes advantage of this new power.

The Leap by Karel van Bellingen

In 2069, New Earth is declared open for civilian migration, a decade after its discovery. As tales of wonder and opportunity reach the Old World, taking ‘the leap’ becomes the dream of millions. Unable to afford the journey, many of the less fortunate risk their lives being smuggled aboard cargo ships. The inter-planetary Migration Administration, or IPMA, deals with human trafficking on a biblical scale.

Fifteen years later, Jacob Reiss, a disillusioned IPMA veteran, has a fateful encounter with a young cartel prostitute. A meeting that forces him to confront a dark chapter from his past in order to save them both from a bleak future in one final, violent shot at redemption.

Explorers by Rob McLellan

Ever since there has been people, there has been explorers. Explorers is a short film which shows an idealistic look at the future of space travel, seen from the perspective of those who dare to venture into the unknown. The film is a tribute to science fiction films of my youth and to those real life pioneers that inspire it. A solo project completed in six weeks (in my spare time) and produced entirely in Unreal Engine 4.

Orbit Ever After by Jamie Magnus Stone

Love transcends all boundaries. Even in space. Nigel has fallen in love. But when you live in orbit, aboard a ramshackle space hovel with the most risk-averse family imaginable, it isn’t easy to follow your heart – especially when the girl of your dreams is spinning around earth the wrong way!

Do you want to work with DUST?

Are you an aspiring science fiction filmmaker? Want to see your work published and distributed with DUST? As it says on their website, “DUST works directly with the filmmakers of every film or series we feature on our channels. We curate existing films, produce original content, and develop other unique opportunities with DUST filmmakers. We initiate connections and also accept submissions. All sci-fi projects in any stage of development or format are open for consideration: short-form, mid-form, feature-length, VR, or another innovative format we have yet to see.”

To have you work considered, please ensure you have Youtube or Vimeo links to your project. If you do, please get in touch with DUST view their Filmmakers page.

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Bringing you the latest additions to Netflix and Amazon Prime week by week