Diamond Painting Tutorial

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Verne Johnson

Yes you read correctly! Painting with diamonds is most commonly referred to as DP, Diamond Painting. It is also called diamond/rhinestone/crystal embroidery, rhinestone/crystal painting, diamond/rhinestone/crystal art, diamond painting cross stitch and diamond painting mosaic. As you might have guessed by now, Diamond Painting has nothing to do with actual painting or diamonds but the result is just as breath taking to the effect of its name.

Diamond painting is a new painting technique that occurs through the application of diamonds on canvas in assigned patterns printed on it. Diamond painting was born in China as a hobby and from one of its largest online sales platforms, Ali Express. Diamond painting has started to spread all over the world. To date there are not many suppliers outside of China but this technique is becoming more and more appreciated and practised that it can easily be found on Etsy and Ebay.

Diamond painting involves very simple technique, as demonstrated in this article. It does not require special creative ability, just a good dose of patience. For these reasons its suitable for people of all ages, men, women and children.

What do you need?

When you get your kit, usually each kit comes with everything you need to get started (things like extra diamonds can be found on Etsy). With each kit you get the following:

1 pre-printed numbered adhesive canvas (with design chart)
1 point drill pen (used to apply the diamonds)
1 green grooved organising tray
Colourful diamonds (labelled)
Extra plastic bags for diamond storage
Tub of wax


  • Dip the tip of the applicator pen into the wax. The wax is what lets you pick up the diamonds.
  • Look at your guiding chart. Follow the pattern and legend for which color diamond to use.
  • Press the tip of the applicator tool to the rounded side of the diamond.
  • Uncover a small area of the painting that you wish to work on.
  • Begin pressing the diamond carefully onto it’s appropriate place according to the legend and pattern.
  • Repeat steps 1-5 until your design is complete.
  • When the last diamond is positioned, it is recommended you cover the painting again with the protective film before flattening the diamonds into the canvas by either laying a stack of books on the painting over night, or taking a rolling pin and pressing the rolling pin gently but firmly onto the canvas.

Tips and Tricks

  • If your canvas has any creases in it from shipping, you can flatten it out by putting a few books on top of it.
  • Assess your chart and supplies carefully before you begin. Get to know your supplies. The packages of diamonds are labeled with the color name and number.
  • Do not remove the entire plastic covering! If you do, you’ll discover how quickly the canvas gets dirty and loses adhesiveness.
  • When the pen seems like it doesn’t pick up the diamonds anymore just add a little bit more wax.
  • Though there is no correct way, it is recommended you start from the bottom and work your way up.
  • It helps to have stay organized by having more than one diamond tray, separate your diamonds by color and have them organized nearby so you can apply the design row by row, not just by color.
  • When you are finished it is recommended you stack some heavy books on top of your painting. This helps so the diamonds are steadfast on the canvas.
  • There are plenty of videos on YouTube if you get stuck

Buy A Diamond Painting!

There are a multitude of benefits to buying a diamond painting. We could go on and on forever. For one thing, it’s relaxing and brings so much joy. One way it does this is by decreasing stress in your leisure time as it involves all your concentration to do something so therapeutic and easy. The finished product is beautiful beyond words and gives this sense of accomplishment. Not to mention the obvious, it’s a fantastic way to bond with family or friends.

It connects people, be it with your husband or wife, your children, or your closest best pals. It’s also a great gift choice. If you are ever in a conundrum of what gift you should get for someone, diamond paintings, finished or unfinished is a great choice for Christmas and Birthdays! Diamond paintings are great for decorating, they do indeed make a great conversation piece. Diamond paintings have an endearing affect on it’s creator and the same effect on everyone else, the feeling of awe, marvelling at what is before them.

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Diamond Painting Tutorial…

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