Cyprus: The Ancient Island Of Aphrodite4 min read

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One of the first countries that Tiffany & I visited was the beautiful island of Cyprus. Cyprus, known as the ancient island of Aphrodite is by far one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean….. almost as beautiful as Malta 🙂
To date we went to Cyprus twice and stayed in opposite areas in Cyprus so I’m going to split this blog in two parts and give you my personal review on this beautiful Island. The first time we went to Cyprus was in August 2014, just a month after we started dating. We loved this island so much that we went once again in March 2015.
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The first time we stayed in Ayia Napa and the second time we went we stayed in Pissouri. Ayia Napa is highlighted in A on the map on the right and Pissouri highlighted in B. It’s also good to highlight that Cyprus is one of my favourite countries to visit. So far I have been to Cyprus a total of five times and given the option I will surely go back anytime the opportunities arises. This first part of this blog I will focus on Ayia Napa and later on we’ll do a blog focusing on Pissouri.

Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa – For those that have visited Cyprus in summer knows that Ayia Napa is a very well renowned for its partying scene. Ayia Napa has a couple of beaches which during the day are always filled with youths sunbathing, swimming and enjoying the various water sports. These beaches, mainly Nissi Beach, Landa Beach and Makronissos Beach are some of the most popular beaches you can find in Ayia Napa. They’re all within walking distance of each other so if you don’t fancy one of them, you can easily walk to the next.

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