Classic Film Review – So Dear To My Heart3 min read

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Brenda Fellman

So Dear To My Heart is a cute film. The story centres around a boy named Jeremiah AKA Jerry (Bobby Driscoll) as he tries to turn his pet black lamb Danny into a prize winner despite his grandmother objecting.

This film used the same formula ‘Song of the South’ established: a combination of live-action and animation. So Dear To My Heart also has a similar scenario and environment as well as the same two delightful children acting (Bobby Driscoll and Luana Patten). By taking inspiration from the ‘Song of the South’, they were able to make something ten times better and that can still stand up today.

Bobby Driscoll and Luana Patten are just adorable. They bring such happiness and childlike wonder, adding a real feeling of innocence to the film. Burl Ives brings so much fun as uncle Hiram. The actor brings a country charm to the rule and the songs he sings are both fun and memorable. Beulah Bondi is great as the stern but loving grandmother who has been worn down by having to run the farm and look after her grandson.

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