Classic Film Review – Miss Robin Hood2 min read

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Brenda Fellman

Miss Robin Hood is a wonderful film and truly an under-rated gem. Henry Wrigley (Richard Hearne) is a writer at a large newspaper and magazine company. The company publishes the comic strip “The Adventures of Miss Robin Hood” on a weekly basis in the children’s magazine “The Teenager.” It’s a comic strip for children that portrays a modern-day young woman as the Robin Hood character, who robs from the rich and is always aided by teenage school girls. When the new owner of the newspaper decides to drop Miss Robin Hood, Wrigley is furious, and storms out of his job.

He soon encounters Miss Honey (Margaret Rutherford), an eccentric elderly lady who delights in reading about how Miss Robin Hood can crack open a safe. Miss Honey is convinced that Wrigley can help her retrieve a secret family recipe from the MacAlister (James Robertson Justice). The recipe in question is for “Honeycup”, a scotch-based drink with an extra special ingredient that creates feelings of euphoria.

Wrigley unwittingly agrees to help. After stealing the recipe from the MacAlister’s safe, he finds himself caught up in an exciting game of cat and mouse with the MacAlister, Scotland Yard and the newspaper editor.

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