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Alina Cohen

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I was born in Manchester and have lived here most my life. On Tuesday 23rd May, the morning after that awful night, I had to brave the journey into the city centre. What I expected to be a nightmare journey turned out to be an insight into a city of kindness and compassion.

Words cannot express how humbled I felt on that journey in and what I encountered brought a lump to my throat. The media is very focused on those affected and what the people of Manchester have done and will do for them (as it should be). However, praise must go to those I encountered who keep Manchester turning around; The public – those who were affected and those who weren’t – bus drivers, GMPTE Staff, taxi drivers, business owners and so many others just being so kind to each other.

From bus drivers going above and beyond the call of duty to keep us moving, to people thanking the bus drivers when they got on the bus (it’s customary practice in Manchester to thank the bus driver when you get off). Strangers helping strangers, a smile, a collective spirit, talking to fellow passengers you don’t know, old and young, all different races and backgrounds come together as a community. I, myself was on the receiving end of an act of kindness when my 10am interview was pushed back till 12:30 because it took me two hours to get into town.

Those few that want to tear us apart are just that…few. Far surpassed by good people, kind people, the community of Manchester doing anything they can to help. The amount of help offered often exceeds the amount that’s needed and that is who we are.

We are Manchester.

Your stories of compassion

Do you have stories of compassion that you want to share? Is there an everyday hero that you want to shine a light on? Let us know in the comment box below. You may also be interested in our article on the people who helped in the aftermath of the attack and the #roomsformanchester message.

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