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Infidelity has long been in human nature but the communication technologies and internet have added fuel to the fire extending the opportunities of betrayal. The social networking platforms, chat rooms and dating apps oil the wheels of infidelity and enable cheaters to have multiple simultaneous romantic relationships. Almost 30 to 60 percent of married individuals cheat their partner in the United States and the stats are not quite different in the rest of the world. So, if you have a suspicion that your partner is cheating on you, your doubt might be true. This article discusses how one can detect infidelity and catch the cheating partner red-handed.

If you are thinking that we would suggest you hire a detective, you are wide of the mark. There is no need to get a spy agent because the same work could be done with a simple mobile phone app. In this digital age, there is an app for doing almost everything and even spying. You would find scores of mobile phone spy apps on play stores and third-party sources that enable the user to spy on someone else’s mobile phone. So, if you are suspicious of your fickle partner, take the support of the PC monitoring and mobile phone spy app to catch cheating spouse and closely watch out their activities.

How does Mobile Phone Spy App Detect Infidelity?

When you install the spy app on the mobile phone of your partner, it accesses the information stored on the phone and uploads to the online account of the spy app. You can log into that account and see the entire information including messages, logs, contacts, photos and more there. It means you do not need to secretly access and check out your partner’s phone over and over to see his messages or call details. All the messages and other phone data will automatically be delivered to your device.

There are numerous ways the TOS cell phone spy software helps you detect the truth. Spouses can overcome their issues and mitigate social media cyber infidelity, because according to the survey conducted by American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), 81% of divorce lawyers stated that social media divorce ratio has dramatically increased since last 5 years.      We have rounded up here a few one to give you an insight of it.

Spy on Your Partner’s Messages and Calls

All the messages consisting of text and visuals either received or sent by your spouse will reach to you through the spy app account. You can see the content of each message and can know when a message is exchanged and with whom. It means if your husband is involved with someone, his messages will reveal the truth.

Similar to messages, the calls of your partner will not remain out of your knowledge. The monitoring app records all the incoming and outgoing calls on the target phone and uploads them to your account. The call history provides you with the detail of call time, duration and name and phone number of the person who has made or received the call.

Know What You Partner Is Doing On Social Media and Instant Messengers

It would not be erroneous to state that social media provides a head start to the cheaters. Tinder lets you find a partner for the one-night stand and Snapchat lets you exchange self-destructive messages and sexts. If your partner is using any of the social media and instant messaging app, the cheating spouse spy app will let you know and keep you updated about all of his social media activities. You can monitor the messages, photos, videos and audios of your partner received and transmitted through social media and IM apps. Meanwhile, you can read the incoming and outgoing emails of your partner which means not any communication of your spouse will remain behind the scenes. From social media to messengers and emails, whatever medium he chooses to communicate with his new love affair would not be missed out by the spy app.

Keep Eyes on Your Partner’s Doings outside the Home

No matter where your husband is and what he is doing you can spy on him with his phone. The spy app lets you activate the camera and microphone of your partner distantly. If your partner is in office, you can listen to his conversations activating his phone microphone. Meanwhile, you can send a command to the camera of his phone to capture photos and record short videos of the surroundings to let you know what is going on in the surrounding. It means if your partner is enjoying a candlelight dinner with his crush, you can make a fuss of his date.

There would not be any way for your cheating partner to hide his infidelity. Once you get enough evidence of his betrayal, you can better decide what to choose for your future.

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