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Ewan Hollander

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On the 22nd of April 2016, Kirsti Loyall had her foot amputated. After going from doctor to doctor for 3 years (2011-2014) she was diagnosed with cancer… Epithelioid sarcoma. Following the amputation, Kirsti asked medical staff if she could keep her foot. Once they agreed, she sent it to be cleaned and turned into a memento. Now, Kirsti has created an Instagram account to catalogue the adventures that her foot goes on.

The run up to the amputation

On her GoFundMe page Kirsti outlines how it all started.

“It all started with numbness in her right pinky toe and when she brought this to the attention of her doctor nothing was done and it didn’t seem to be a concern to anyone else. Between 2011-2014, the numbness progressed to about half of her right foot and she started to experience pain, which was often times very intense. The pain seemed to be worse at night, which caused her to have issues sleeping. The issue was brought to the attention of her primary care physician once again, at this time she was referred to a neurologist.  She visited the neurologist about 6 times. The first time she was tested for neuropathy, which was ruled out. Every visit after that she was told that it was a B-12 deficiency and was only recommended B-12 supplements, no other assistance or solutions were given. At that point, she gave up on visiting her neurologist and just coped with the numbness and pain until the summer of 2015. At this point, she noticed a lump on the inside of her right foot.”

Back to school lol #amputee #skeleton #foot #bones #onefootwander #cancer #backtoschool

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One Foot Wander

Kirsti has now set up One Foot Wander, an instagram account dedicated to her foot. The account initially started as a way for her to deal with her cancer journey with a different mindset. Subsequently, Kirsti has set up the GoFundMe page to raise $10,000 to pay for her medical bills. To read her full story, please head on over to the GoFundMe page. Naturally, you dont have to donate but it would be wonderful if you did. You can follow Kirsti on Instagram or follow her foot on One Foot Wander.

What is Epithelioid sarcoma?

Epithelioid sarcoma is a rare soft tissue sarcoma. It is typically found in the distal limbs (fingers, hands, forearms, or feet) of young adults as a small, soft mass or a series of bumps. Rare cases have been reported in the pelvis, vulva, penis, and spine. Epithelioid sarcoma is a slow-growing and relatively painless tumor. It often results in a lengthy period of time between presentation and diagnosis. Epithelioid sarcoma is often misdiagnosed or mistaken as a persistent wart or cyst.

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Today seems like a good news kind of day. Which was much needed after another weekend of medical emergencies with my dad (all seems to be well now.. we will know more when he has his echocardiogram). Found out I get to go on a trip with the Send It foundation to lake Tahoe in September. (Kind of like the one I went on with First Descents – free of charge for cancer survivors). I chose this photo to go with my post because it’s a weird house with two metal dinos outside that I found in Albuquerque. I’m so excited to get another chance to travel to somewhere I’ve never been before. My opportunities for that seem like they will be very limited in the foreseeable future due to the financial situation cancer has put me in, so I feel very lucky to have been told I have a spot. #amputee #skeleton #foot #bones #onefootwander #cancer #thankful #weirdhouse

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Back when my foot was just amputated. Awww #amputee #skeleton #foot #bones #onefootwander #cancer #onefootwander

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DANGER’S AFOOT #amputee #skeleton #foot #bones #funnybone #cancer #onefootwander

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Ewan Hollander

Just sharing things that interest me in the hopes that they interest others as well