Canada: Why Is It So Desirable Amongst Immigrants?

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Andrew Paul

When it comes to migration, Canada has one of the most positive immigration policies across the world. Every year Canada admits more than 200,000 immigrants. And when it comes to standard of living even United Nations has voted it as the best country to live.  If you are planning to migrate as well just take the help of any Vancouver immigration attorney and he may help you tide over any immigration issue. Anyways here are 7 reasons for choosing Canada for immigration:

1-Better Employment Opportunities

If you are a skilled foreign worker who is looking to get the best employment opportunities, then Canada is the best country for the purpose. Thousands of foreign workers are required by the Canadian companies to fill jobs in Canada in range of high-demand occupations. Reason? There is a huge shortage of labor here.

2-Incredible Cities

Many who move to Canada do it because they want to enjoy a high standard of living found in Canadian cities. For past many years the Canadian cities like Vancouver, Toronto, & Calgary are amongst top-5 most livable cities in the world. Will you not like to live in such country with your family?

3-Personal Freedom

Legatum Global Prosperity Index declared Canada to be the first country when it comes to personal freedom. The democracy here is Western that protects the freedoms and human rights. The rule of law here makes sure that women and men of various backgrounds can live freely without having any fear of oppression.

4-Safety & Security

Canada is considered to be one of the safest countries on the planet. Crime levels are far lower in, and the country is also politically very stable. Geographical location is also what makes this country peaceful and serene one. If you are considering migrating with family, you will certainly like to migrate to a country where there are minimal crimes.

5-Good Higher Education

People migrate to Canada for various reasons. And a very common one is good quality education. There are many world-class institutes of higher education which makes the country a dream destination for a student who wants to migrate and settle down. Besides education, the country offers many opportunities for part-time work. It means that students can earn as well to off-set the cost of their studies.

6-Basic Healthcare

Imagine this; you are in a country which ensures free basic healthcare so will it not make you feel more cared for. Will it not to increase the life expectancy of your family? Surely, and that is why a lot of people across the globe choose Canada as their dream abode. It is far better than a situation where you have to pay a lot of money for health insurance and the medical treatment as well.

7-Welfare Programs

Canada is one country that cares for its citizens. You’ll find a host of programs that are offered by the state. Besides free healthcare and free education to children till 12th standard, Canada provides following social programs.

  • Unemployment Insurance- Every Canadian citizen is entitled to 60 percent of the last wages if in case there is a lay-off and he has worked for six months in Canada until then.
  • Social Welfare Allowance-A Canadian citizen is entitled to social welfare allowance from the government if they are unable to support themselves and are not able to get any job.
  • Pensions- Every Canadian citizen is entitled under the Canadian Pension Plan to receive the retirement pension. It depends on the age when it chooses for the pension.

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Canada: Why Is It So Desi…

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