Bridezilla or Blushing bride? Top tips for a Stress Free Wedding

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Weddings… the one important day in a couples life where they promise a lifetime together. But is it worth all the planning and frustrations? I have been involved in the planning of many a wedding, from utilizing my craft skills, to attending many a bridal fayre. So when my time came to plan my own Wedding I thought I was ready. Little did I know how wrong I was…

Every very little girl dreams of marrying their Prince Charming. Walking down a beautiful aisle, wearing a stunning dress, towards the man of your dreams. However, how many of us realised how much work was involved? From organising the cakes, music, venue and guest list, it is a never ending checklist to consider!

I’ve been engaged for 4 years this summer. Due to our family expanding, getting married just hasn’t been an option. I’ve seen friends and family marry in that time and each time I’m called in to help. Every hand on deck is needed to make even the most basic wedding happen.

So where does all this pressure come from? Magazines and celebrities have a lot to answer for, with money to throw away and teams of designers collaborating for that perfect day. Also the dreaded Pinterest with all those gorgeous wedding boards!

With the pressure of having the perfect day comes a lot of headaches, heartache and anxiety. So, as a wedding planner, I’ll share my top tips with you, and hopefully it’ll help!

Tip 1. Care little for peoples opinions. Remember this is a day for YOU and YOUR PARTNER.

On the surface, that sounds pretty harsh, as you do need a support team to guide you through this, but remember this wedding is between you and your partner. Ultimately, this means it does not matter if your mother in law isn’t keen on the colour scheme, or your bridesmaids hate the flowers?

Tip 2. Delegate and don’t be afraid to ask for help

Im sure your partner will love you walking down the aisle in a bin bag and sitting there discussing buttonholes and cake with him is lucky if he is into wedding planning. But if he isn’t, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You may find that people may donate their services and help that budget via cake making, tailoring, hair and make up!

Tip 3. Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Any good event is a well prepared one, things to include are :

  • Weather. You cant control the weather but you can keep a set of umbrellas in someone’s car (or anywhere nearby) for a unexpected downpour. A set of warm layers that work in your colour scheme are great for cold days when the venue is outside 🙂
  • Budget. Budget for EVERY eventuality and the honeymoon.
  • Try your shoes on before the wedding. Breaking them in a good fortnight beforehand to avoid blisters is a good idea. If you are wearing heels slip a pair of socks on first…. Beyoncé swears by it!
  • Plan a wedding emergency kit. Have a little bag available with the essentials in. This can include things like a sewing kit, extra deodorant, extra tights, mints, the works.

Tip 4. Don’t let the “wedding diet” consume your life

I get it, if you want to lose a few pounds to feel your best on your day, more power to you. Just don’t let it control your life. This is meant to be a really happy time for you both, so live life to the fullest! Your partner loves you for you! Follow a good meal plan that makes sure you get everything you need. Remember to take care of yourself too, make time to eat well, sleep well, and you will BE well.

Tip 5. Don’t forget to enjoy it!

You have spent all this time planning, but don’t let it go past in a daze. Take plenty of pictures and make some really good memories beforehand. During the wedding, take a few minutes out of the day to just enjoy each other, and the fabulous event you have planned.

Good Luck fellow Brides! Feel free to let me know anything I have missed in the comments!

Lets hear your wedding tips!

Have you planned a wedding before? What plans can you share with your fellow readers? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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