Bread: The Real Reason We Can’t Tolerate It!2 min read

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Lara Jezeph
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I don’t know about you but I have always wondered why recent trends have demonized gluten and bread with claims that they are bad for our health. Go Gluten Free!

Well, in some cultures bread is sacred. Morocco being one as they are told not to cut the bread with a knife as its too harsh, you must tear it with your hands instead.

When I talk to my Nana, she tells me how bread was a staple diet; it was filling, cheap and simple when she was growing up. She had no digestive issues; she was lean, full of energy and slept really well. So what’s changed?

I did some digging and here are my findings:

  • Wheat is the most widely planted crop in the world.
  • Bread making is a mix of three things: biology, cooking and physics.
  • Bread is alive with bacteria before it is baked; once baked, the gluten in bread locks in the air and causes it to expand, giving bread its appealing texture and taste.
  • Western culture goes through phases of avoiding food groups (i.e. fats in the 1970s, gluten and dairy today).
  • Gluten intolerance has become a widespread trend, while only a small percentage of people have celiac disease.
  • Traditional bread recipes (when my nana was growing up in 1920’s and even way beyond that) had only three ingredients, while manufactured bread sold in stores today often have 30 ingredients.
  • White bread removes the nutritious part of grain, creating a new bread business.
  • People started getting sick from white bread because of the several ingredients added in industrial breads, and instead of moving back to whole wheat, industrial bread makers started adding new vitamins, which created a new bread market.
  • The art in bread making is perfecting fermentation; without fermentation, bread lacks nutrients.
  • However, Fermentation of bread today has been industrialized with fast‐acting yeast and this has led to a higher incidence of bread intolerance.

Thanks to Cooked, the documentary on Netflix

Fermentation! We know this is great for our health as it populates the gut with bacteria and a happy gut means a happy body, inside and out. It makes sense that we are struggling to eat bread if it’s been so highly processed and doesn’t even have the beneficial fermentation that it once did.

Instead of eating gluten-free, if you want to eat bread, go with the fermented options like sourdough instead of yeast bread. Gluten free options are often even more processed than the standard bread.

Bread isn’t the devil so lets stop jumping on the avoiding food group rollercoaster, give bread some love and start going back to basics with our food.

If you’re struggling to eat bread or have digestion issues, its worth booking a FREE health breakthrough call to discuss how we can rid of them and get you to peak health again.

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Lara Jezeph

Lara Jezeph

Web: Email: [email protected] FB Group – Book a Gut Health Breakthrough Session -