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Like writers block (literally the same thing) sometimes we all, here in the blogosphere, get a little stuck with content creation and since, I’m presuming, as all want to put quality pieces out there, finding the right motivation is key. This article will help outline some writing tips and blogging hints for coming up with new content.

Read books

Blogger approved books like Girl Boss or Capture your style not only show me the life bigger influencers have, they inspire me and my content. I may read a line or so and think of an idea straight away that may have nothing to do with the line itself, but it sparked something. Recently I read a post which at the time I thought nothing of. I went to work, came home and off of that post; thought of a few for a series I could write in the next few months. Turns out I liked having one large piece with my writing style rather than smaller ones just to have more up.

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Twitter chats

Every Sunday at 8pm I religiously sit and reply to tweets and tweets for the #Blogospherechat run by the Blogosphere Magazine. I never remember any other chats that go on and none really stand out to me as much. I adore Blogosphere and I adore being involved with whatever they do. I’ve met all of my blogger friends either through following them during a chat, or literally just replying to a tweet of theirs that interests me and I’ve never had an awkward first meet, as such!


This summer has been filled with events, press days [that sadly run during the weekday which I can’t attend as I work full time :(] and meeting other bloggers. Teamed with chatting to like minded people on twitter, and having group chats with those who are attending the same event as you, I know that if at any point I wouldn’t be able to take anyone along with me, I’d have someone there to come with. Any blogger run, or company run, event is catered to making you feel at home. The networking that goes on is key and I always bring my business cards with me in every bag (and my car now too!).


Find your favourite influencers and binge their content. For me, its the old Zoella stuff. I have girls that inspire me with their current stuff, but I feel like Zoe’s original content really helped me get going with my blog in the first place. Take ideas from anyone’s stuff, change it, mould it to your blog and make something from it.

What are your blogging tips?

Do you have any blogging tips that you want to share? Let us know in the comment box below!

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