Bikini fitness competition diary – 3 weeks out

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Lara Jezeph
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Its 3 weeks till I compete in my first bikini fitness competition. This last week has not been easy and its ramping up from here.

Progression is a bitch:

This week started with me freaking out when I sent some progress photos. I need to be thinner, more toned, more muscly in certain areas, bum lifted/firmer, more definition etc. To top it off, I also need to keep focussed and realise that this could be body dysmorphia which I hear is a very common when training. It’s mentally tough as well as both physically & emotionally tough.


My training plan now:

30mins fasted cardio in the mornings X 3
15mins HIIT in the evenings X 3 before weights session
I generally train 6 days a week

I finally got glute activation on my last week of weight training, Sod’s law. This came when I was doing glute bridges, 20 reps of 5 sets. I call my coach ‘No.5’ because she likes to kill me with 5 sets of everything. I actually felt my arse burning like a bitch which I have been trying to get since I started training.

My Food now:

No more protein shakes which means no more mug cake – I am so sad. I can’t be left on my own to prep food. This is because I tend to take a bit extra and, trust me, every calorie counts right now. Currently, I am now on 1100 calories with no carbs.


Next week is going to change to the current norm. I recently got through my new food and exercise plan from my coach. The new diet will consist of more salmon to replaced the chicken I was previously eating. This will lower some of the good fats. No carbs of course still. Exercise is lots of HIIT up until ‘peak week’ which is the week of the competition.

Such a poser, who’d have thought:

I did posing practice with my coach and one of the other girls who is competing at the same federation PureElite but in a different category. Have I explained the categories to you yet? Well, I am entering bikini tall. The requirements for this are as follows:
Models should be lean with muscle tone and low body fat. You will have a healthy look and “softer” physique with natural curves. Muscularity and vascularity are not for Bikini Babe class.
You will be marked on:
* Overall presentation
* Tone and balance of shape
* Stage presence
* Hair and make up
* Quarter turns
* Tan
* Bikinis are to be two pieces
* No one pieces or thongs or G strings allowed
* No boots


Posing was great fun. It was on the gym floor in view of everyone and it was with another girl. We performed our ‘T walk’ and Abby (our coach) critiqued us. I need to stop over thinking the posing and just be natural. Apart from that I am happy and confident. I have been considering changing my shoes for higher ones as I would stand out more against the other girls being taller. After weighing this up with against the prospect of falling flat on my face on stage decided against it.

The Bikini:

I got my bikini. Yay! So the deal with the bikini is you can spend hundreds on this thing and bling it up to the nines. I bought a simple red string bikini and my coach (multi-talented woman) jazzed it up for an additional cost. It’s covered in black lace & Swarovski crystals. So beautiful. I am not going to show you the pic as I want it to be a surprise for when you see my pics on stage. You can wait 2 weeks like me.

Added costs:

I have also been told to get a base tan and go on some sun beds. Now, I am not a fan of sun beds and have maybe used them once or twice in my life. I decided to follow the recommendation from my sister in law who is my beauty guru. She said Sun Angels scan your skin and don’t use harsh UV. So I found one close to me and on Sunday I enjoyed being warm (low body fat makes me cold all the time now) and got a slight glow to my skin.

I will be doing a follow on article about the things that they don’t tell you when you enter a competition so watch this space.

2 weeks out next week and it’s getting exciting. I am excited to be on stage and live the experience after a long 3 months and I am excited to eat other food again. Keep reading and let me know your thoughts as always.

I bought a box of goodies from musclefood to have after I finished being on stage.


Let me know what you think of the blogs so far and if you would like more of my view on what I’m going though. I would love to hear from you! Check back regularly as I will also be adding pics and some more information on food, training and of course posing. If you would like to watch me compete, you are able to purchase tickets here.

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Lara Jezeph

Lara Jezeph

Web: Email: [email protected] FB Group – Book a Gut Health Breakthrough Session -

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