Bikini fitness competition diary – 3 weeks out4 min read

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Lara Jezeph
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Its 3 weeks till I compete in my first bikini fitness competition. This last week has not been easy and its ramping up from here.

Progression is a bitch:

This week started with me freaking out when I sent some progress photos. I need to be thinner, more toned, more muscly in certain areas, bum lifted/firmer, more definition etc. To top it off, I also need to keep focussed and realise that this could be body dysmorphia which I hear is a very common when training. It’s mentally tough as well as both physically & emotionally tough.


My training plan now:

30mins fasted cardio in the mornings X 3
15mins HIIT in the evenings X 3 before weights session
I generally train 6 days a week

I finally got glute activation on my last week of weight training, Sod’s law. This came when I was doing glute bridges, 20 reps of 5 sets. I call my coach ‘No.5’ because she likes to kill me with 5 sets of everything. I actually felt my arse burning like a bitch which I have been trying to get since I started training.

My Food now:

No more protein shakes which means no more mug cake – I am so sad. I can’t be left on my own to prep food. This is because I tend to take a bit extra and, trust me, every calorie counts right now. Currently, I am now on 1100 calories with no carbs.

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Lara Jezeph

Lara Jezeph

Web: Email: [email protected] FB Group – Book a Gut Health Breakthrough Session -

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