Bikini fitness competition diary – 4 weeks to go

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Lara Jezeph
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Please excuse the delay in posting my article this week. I am having ‘prep brain’ as its called in the fitness industry. This is where a lack of food combined with an increase in exercise takes over and can effect even the simplest of tasks. During the week, I managed to lose my gym gear. It was in my locker but I forgot where I had put it an hour ago and freaked out for well over 5 minutes. I find it hard to string sentences together and my boyfriend is even having sympathy for me when he put his hair gel on his toothbrush to brush his teeth one morning. That did lift my mood!

Bikini Fitness competition

Where am I up to?

This week I was told I can have no more carbohydrates in my diet plan. This lead me to try find ways of still getting some substance in without the calories. I am getting quite creative. Sugar free jelly. Zero calorie noodles. Even my favourite, a mug cake. Oh, a mug cake is beautiful for when you are sick of drinking a protein shake before bed and want a dessert instead.

All it consists of is:

My measured protein powder of 35g (I am loving peanut, chocolate vegan powder by Bulk Powders at the moment. I am diary intolerant)

1/2 tsp of baking powder

2 egg whites

Chocolate liquiflav drops

Cinnamon on top

This makes it feel like you are having an amazing chocolate pudding without the calories and guilt. I even purchased calorie free chocolate sauce to add on top for extra gooey heaven.

My moods

Anyway, as I salivate…. my mood swings have been crazy. So bad that I never know when its going to hit so I have to pre-warn my work colleagues. I have no patience, no tolerance to anyone and no energy. I am told this is normal by my coach and everyone in training around me is also suffering the same.


One evening this week, I ended up flipping out at my boyfriend. The spat was over him not washing up the dishes so I could use my trusty scissors to cut my chicken for my last meal of the day. I saw red! I couldn’t even eat my food as he asked me ‘Whats wrong?’ ‘Anything I can do?’. The main thing that irritated me was when he opened the door and said he was tired. TIRED – you don’t know the meaning of the word when you can eat what you want and finish work at 16:00. That day, I was up at 05:30 for a fasted cardio jog before I started a 12 hour shift at 07:30 then hit the gym at 20:00 that evening for 2 hours.

I stormed out the house, slamming everything i could as I left and was shaking with anger and hatred. I was out walking in the dark & cold for 45 mins until I came home and went to bed. This is what I mean – mood swings are real and they are dangerous! Make sure you never yawn in front of someone training for a fitness competition. Don’t get me started on the time I cried when my scales broke.


The fitness training

On that note, my fitness training now consists of 4 mornings of fasted cardio and 6 days of weight training. This is the same as it was during my last post. I haven’t been increasing my weight as I have not had the energy. To top it off, I have now been told to add 10 mins of ab training after each exercise. I am still loving the routine of training and I feel a bit superior when I go to the gym knowing I am an athlete training for a competition. Especially when I start noticing definition in my arms and legs.

img_9127 img_9128

I walked to work in my posing shoes to practice and wear them in. It was funny – to me anyway.

Over and above training

My weekend was lovely. I was meant to attend a 30th birthday BBQ party but, at the moment, I cannot face social events anymore. I take a suitcase loaded with food prepped in tupperware and 6 litres of water. Instead I sent my boyfriend  in my place. My weekended ended up consisting of training, posing practice, a sports yoga class and a sports massage for my shoulder and wrist injury. I loved just being able to have space to do what I wanted without worrying that I was neglecting things. I went to bed at 21:00 on Saturday – rock n roll!

As well as regular sports massages I also get fortnightly chiropractic adjustments. There are handy as when I work in a chiropractic clinic. Its such a great feeling getting adjusted. If you have never had an adjustment, do it. It improves posture, exercise technique and sleeping to name but a few of the benefits that I have experienced.


I have also decided to add to my already busy life by starting a qualification in health coaching. I am studying for this when I am not training or working.

Next week is my last week of weight training and my food will be reduced even more so. Make sure you read next weeks post as I am sure it will be a treat. As always, let me know if you want more information. I am always happy to give my opinion and experience.

Let me know what you think of the blogs so far and if you would like more of my view on what I’m going though. I would love to hear from you! Check back regularly as I will also be adding pics and some more information on food, training and of course posing. If you would like to watch me compete, you are able to purchase tickets here.


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Lara Jezeph

Lara Jezeph

Web: Email: [email protected] FB Group – Book a Gut Health Breakthrough Session -

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    September 28, 2016 at 3:39 pm

    I can appreciate what you mean when you talk about feeling a bit superior when you go to the gym because you are an athlete in training. I dont necessarily feel superior but I do feel like I have a purpose when I train now compared to when I trained before playing American Football


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