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Anyone who knows me knows that I am music obsessed. Personally, I don’t think I could make it through a single day without blasting a song in my ears. I am always keen to discover new music and every Friday I look forward to hearing what’s been featured on the New Music Friday Spotify Playlist. I’ve put together my own playlist of all my favourite new, or fairly new songs out there at the moment. The genres in this playlist vary between Dance/EDM, RnB and singer-songwriter, but ultimately it’s all ‘pop music’.

Best New Music: The Only Spotify Playlist You Will Need This Summer

I’ve started it off with yet another banger from Clean Bandit Ft. Zara Larsson,. In my opinion,  I think every song Zara now touches turns to gold. She has a brilliant voice and her extraordinary range is fully exploited in the the chorus of this song, ‘Call on me’ by Starley is a song I’ve been able to listen to over and over. It’s simple, yet effective and this remix by Ryan Riback is without a doubt my favourite version of the song. I hope she releases more tracks that are as good as this.

‘All my friends’ comes from a new Irish singer/songwriter called Dermot Kennedy. This is a really strong song showing off his gorgeous gravelly voice and displaying his special talent. Dermot Kennedy is also fantastic live and his songs all convey deep meanings. Sigrid is one of Island Record’s latest signings to break through the industry. The Norwegian pop princess has a quirky look, incredibly interesting voice, and ‘Kill My Vibe’ has proven she can write a good song. I think this girl is going to be big.

I first heard KStewart when she featured on ‘Paradise’ with Matoma and Sean Paul. Her voice is unbelievable and this song has such a great vibe. I’d compare her to Ariana Grande but with a bit more swag. Callum Beattie is guaranteed to steal the hearts of a lot of young girls. The Scot who lets his accent shine through his vocals, is both a great singer and writer, and after ‘We Are Stars’ made it into the UK Viral chart on Spotify, I really hope he makes it big. There is definitely a slight Chris Martin feel to his music.

I couldn’t leave the Chainsmokers out of my playlist as I have loved pretty much every song these guys have put out. Their track with Coldplay is one of my favourite collaborations in recent times. Another band I wanted to mention who you probably won’t have heard of is The Tailormade. This trio will definitely put a smile on your face with their upbeat sound and cheeky lyrics. Currently unsigned, but I think these boys could go far. I finished off the playlist with my queen of pop, Katy Perry. This long awaited come back did not disappoint, and ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ nearly broke Spotify with 3,062,293 streams being the highest first-day streaming for a single track by a female artist.

You may have noticed that a lot of these songs come from relatively unknown artists, some even unsigned. Sadly, that means a lot of these artists won’t get the recognition for these songs that they deserve and will be unlikely to make it into the charts. That for me, is probably the saddest thing about the music industry at the moment. The top 40 is mostly made up of already established artists and it’s incredibly difficult for new artists to break through. Another thing I like about this playlist is that it features a lot of female artists because I feel like the male artists often dominate the charts.

Save and download this best new music playlist now!

Next time the suns out, whack on this playlist, I guarantee it’ll sound good. If you want to download this playlist to your Spotify, you can find it here!

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