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Ewan Hollander

Just sharing things that interest me in the hopes that they interest others as well

Banger and mash. Kebabs and beer. Tea and biscuits. No list of stable British foods will be complete with fish and chips. When done well, fish and chips becomes crispy comfort food that is simply irresistible. With a city the size of London, it’s great fish and chips venues are lost in a sea of floundering mediocre establishments. This list of the 6 best fish and chips in London will hopefully be used and enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.

Best Fish and Chips in London


Camden & Brick Lane

Best fish and chips in London

Recently voted the UK’s best Independent Fish and Chip Restaurant at The National Fish & Chip Awards, Poppies has quite a following. The mix of vintage kitsch (jukebox, mini red telephone box and monochrome photos) combined with the fresh fish makes Poppies a place for both tourists and locals alike. Thickish, crunchy batter encase fat fillets of fresh flaky fish, fried seafood platters and chunky chips all make Poppies a must try. The Billingsgate-sourced fish is actually so fresh that diners are offered the option of having it grilled as well as fried. Not in the mood for the classic cod or haddock? Poppies’ menu encompasses mackerel, seafood platters and jellied eels as well.

Kerbisher & Malt

Brook Green, Clapham, Ealing & Mortlake

Best fish and chips in London

Often considered the benchmark in new chippies, Kerbisher & Malt have a live stream CCTV in their kitchen so diners can see the swimmers (cod/haddock/pollock/plaice either battered of grilled) being prepped. The kitchen team at Kerbisher & Malt tweak every stage of the process to make the food as appealing as possible. This means high-quality fillets dunked in floaty-light batter, cooked freshly to order. Chips are double-fried, the tartare sauce is rich and made in-house, and the onion rings have been ‘pickled’, adding an appealing vinegar tang. Enjoy the breezy, beach house vibe!


Muswell Hill

Best fish and chips in London

Looking for a family run establishment? Toff’s have been in the same hands since 1968 so they much be doing something right for all that time. The crew there use a special refined ground nut oil to fry their scaley victims. A little nice bonus about Toff’s: unlike many London chippies, the business has joined the Marine Stewardship Council. This means that they only source fish from sustainable stocks. Aforementioned fish is cooked to order and battered in either egg and matzo or grilled.

Sutton & Sons

Stoke Newington, Islington & Hackney Central

Best fish and chips in London

Looking for the best fish and chips in London? Monkfish, Maldon oysters and moules marinière have made it onto Sutton & Sons menu so you are excused for thinking that this chippie is smarter than most. Sustainably caught fish, from the group owned fishmonger, a great range of pickled goods quail eggs, shallots and red onion rings) and locally brewed beers really make this fish and chip shop into something great.

The Fish Club

Battersea & Clapham

Best fish and chips in London

Feel a little underwhelmed when it comes to choice? At The Fish Club, customers can choose from the usual array as well as sardines, mackerel, bream and sole. Once picked, you can also choose how you want it cooked: pan-fried, grilled, baked or deep-fried. Looking to venture off the traditionalist’s path even further. Their sweet potato chips really are fantastic and compliment their wonderfully fresh fish.

Golden Union Fish Bar


Best fish and chips in London

A sleek, modern addition to the list. Golden Union Fish Bar use a carefully planned blend of oils for frying and source only sustainable fish. Their battered halloumi is a treat and accompanies any meal perfectly. Fish is chunky, flaky and perfectly cooked in a light, crispy, complementary casing; chips are crisp, firm and fluffy; pies and fish cakes are home-made and look it. A combination of quality and its central location will be to blame for a large cod and chips costing a steep £13.50, but it is worth it.

Who did we miss?

As ever, these lists are not exhaustive. Do you know any other prime locations for this delicious comfort food? List the locations on your list of best fish and chips in London in the comments below!

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Ewan Hollander

Just sharing things that interest me in the hopes that they interest others as well

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