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Herman Schulz

Berliner with a fondness for literature, food and leather jackets.

A short trip on the Ubahn to Frankfurter Tor and a small walk will bring you to a hidden treasure. Shakespeare and Sons, in Friedrichshain, is a wonderful coffee shop, bagel emporium and book shop combination.

What is it?

Whether you are a bibliophile, a lover of fresh bagels or are in search of a relaxing space to enjoy, Shakespeare and Sons can offer all three. Situated 20 minutes from Berlin’s Alexanderplatz, the coffee shop/bookshop shop offers wide selection of books in both English and German. The bagels are supplied by Fine Bagels, based at the same location as Shakespeare and Sons, and are boiled and baked fresh daily. With a selection that includes Poppy Seed, Double Sesame, Za’atar, Plum, Onion and more, these baked treats are delicious. The full list of bagels can be found here.


They also host regular events and book readings. To keep up to date with upcoming events, check out their Facebook page.

The Food

As well as bagels, Shakespeare and Sons have a host of delicious schmears. From onion & cream cheese to goats cheese & avocado to peanut butter & jam and more. There should be something here that suits everyone’s taste. On top of the bagels and schmears, Shakespeare and Sons also offer treats for those with a sweet tooth. Traditional Jewish sweet baked goods such as Rugelach and Babka are sold along side giant salted chocolate cookies amungst other treats.


Where is Shakespeare and Sons?

Shakespeare and Sons – Warschauerstrasse 74, 10243 Berlin


Further details

if you wants to get further details on Shakespeare and Sons, follow this link to their website.


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Herman Schulz

Berliner with a fondness for literature, food and leather jackets.

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