Beauty on a Budget – How To Feel Good For Less

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Whether you love beauty or prefer a simplistic look, we can all agree that we like to look our best. Here are my top tips to get the most of out the beauty world. This is written from the UK so things may apply differently in your hometown.

Tip 1. Store cards

The beauty industry is one of the fastest growing, with A study by Biosen calculating that in a average woman’s lifetime, the amount spent on cosmetics alone is £ 100,000, which equates to about £2.000 a year.

This is where store cards come in useful. Stores such as Boots and Superdrug offer a rewards scheme with points, and often hold money off events and send coupons in the post every few months or so, enabling the card holder to get something while they are spending on the latest hairspray or nail varnish.

Student cards are also under this tip, with UCAS and NUS offering discounts on beauty items, as well as entertainment, food, travel and fashion. If you are studying in the UK, it may be worth looking into.

Tip 2. Samples / Travel size products

If you have a new product you want to try, but cant blow a fortune on a full size bottle, try a travel size one. Often they are in a multi buy deal with others, in the summer season. If you like the product, then save up or use some points on that aforementioned card to get it, and if you didn’t like it you didn’t spend a fortune.

Samples are another way to test out a new product, create a separate email address and sign up to some of your favourite beauty sites, often they send out samples for products for testers. And as a bonus discounts can always be found too.

Tip 3. Know your seasons

Desperate for a denim jacket for spring? Buy it in Autumn. Fashion is often split into two seasons. Spring and Summer, Autumn and Winter. Buying clothes ‘ Off Season’ is a sure way to get a garment for less, just stick to the basics, and keep in mind that most trends do keep appearing every year. My very loose rule for ” trends” are.

  • Spring. Pale florals, light jackets, light colour denim, pinks and creams, and lace.
  • Summer. ‘Festival fashion’ denim shorts, band tees, crochet/ lace/ floral kimonos, vivid colours, and floral crowns. Or nautical, stripes, red white and blue colours.
  • Autumn. Dark reds and blues, light knitwear, ankle boots, skinny jeans, florals with tights, layering.
  • Winter. Greys, blues, combat/ biker boots. Dark jeans.

Tip 4. Look for dupes

With social media being so prevalent, duplicates are becoming more and more easy to find. There are Instagram and Facebook pages devoted to finding a high street priced item that looks like the expensive ones.

A really good place to look for dupes are places such as Primark, H+M and supermarkets, because they want to make money off the latest trends, and the majority of the time, most items are more than half the price.

Tip 5. Thrift, swap and donate!

Last tip, Thrift and donate. Second hand shops/Charity shops are a good way to find clothes on a budget, and without breaking the bank, you can help give back to charity. Make sure to always buy clothes you will wear, go in with a clear mission of what you need. Donating a bag of your own clothes can also free up some space for those bargains.

Swap shops are a really creative way to get social. Many of us have something in the closet we don’t wear that s in great condition, probably with the tags still on. Holding a swap party means that your guests could all leave with something new for their wardrobes, and have fun while doing it!

My biggest tip for being beautiful is to simply be yourself. There, is nothing more awesome than seeing someone truly happy with themselves, but if you cant resist that new bag or beauty product, make sure to do it wisely!

Want to know that the professionals use? Check out what makeup a dermatologist uses.

Do you have any tips to get the beauty results you want on a budget?

Have I missed a beauty tip? Let me know on the comments below. <3

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