Basement Crack Foundation Repair in Edmonton

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Ewan Hollander

Just sharing things that interest me in the hopes that they interest others as well

Every building will at one time or the other require some form of repairs. This in most cases will be as a result of the normal wear and tear arising from usage and exposure to the weather. One of the most important types of repair a building will have to undergo is a foundation repair.

The foundation is the base on which the entire structure is built. If the foundation has any issues, then such a building becomes unsafe. This means that such damages should be fixed immediately they are spotted.

What Can Cause Foundational Damage and Basement Cracks

There are a number of things that can cause damage to a building’s foundation. Once a building’s foundation has issues, one of the ways it begins to manifest is in the appearance of cracks in various areas of the building, from the basement walls up.

We shall look at three possible causes of foundational issues in a building.


One of the things associated with time is wear and tear. The longer a building stays standing, the longer it has had to deal with the weather and other demands of regular usage. This leads to wear and tear which can impact the foundation.

Materials Used in Building the Foundation

What kind of material was used when the foundation was being constructed? As with all other types of constructions, the quality and type of material used for building something will affect its quality of operation and longevity. This same thing applies in a foundation.


First, the soil type in that location is very important. Secondly, the weather is also very important. These two can affect the longevity of a building’s foundation.

Aside from the three factors listed above, a home owner can also decide to carry out some work on the foundation in preparation for a future construction job. The foundation can therefore be reinforced preparatory to this.

Types of Cracks

When a novice looks at a crack in a building wall, all that person sees is a crack. However, when an expert looks at that same crack, they can determine what type of crack it is and what it entails.

There are different types of cracks that can be seen in a house with faulty foundation. We will look at these.

Vertical Cracks

These are quite common and not really dangerous. The main danger is that water can leak into your basement from them. A simple solution is professionally sealing the cracks.

Stair Step

These are more serious than vertical cracks and are usually found externally on brick and mortar buildings. It indicates some problem in the foundation which causes the bricks to separate, creating the crack. Your biggest concerns with this type of crack will be damages from water that can seep into your basement from them.

Horizontal Cracks

This is a really serious type of crack that indicates a really serious problem in the building’s foundation. If these are not given immediate professional attention, it could result in the collapse of the building.

Types of Foundational Repairs

There are a number of ways that professional foundation repairers go about it. Here are few types you may want to be aware of.

Slabjacking Method

This is a type of foundation repair that contractors like to use for sinking foundations. This process involves injecting fresh concrete under the sinking foundation, in the process raising it back to its original level.

The benefit of this type of repair is that it is cost effective and can be completed quickly, allowing the building to be open for use in a matter of hours.

Piering or Piling Method

This method makes use of concrete or steel piers for the resettling of the foundation. Piering and piling are two different methods used to achieve the same end goal. Some of the different variations of these two methods include: bell bottom piering, steel pressed piling and concrete pressed piling.

You can learn more about this here.

Choosing a Basement and Foundation Repair Company

Basement Crack Foundation Repair in Edmonton 2

When it’s time to choose a company that will handle your home’s foundation repairs, you need to be sure you are choosing the right company. There are a few steps you can follow to help you get the right company.

Get Referrals

The first thing you need to do is get referrals from folks who have worked with any such companies before. If you can get enough referrals, this will cut down the time you would have spent searching for companies.

Do Some Personal Research

After getting referrals, you should do some research on them. Find out their current reputation. Look online for reviews of their services from others.

Focus on Local Companies

It is usually best to focus on local companies. Local companies have a better understanding of the local terrain. Besides, it will also cost less. This means that if you need a foundation repair in Edmonton, you should only look for companies that operates near you.

Get and Compare Quotes

Get estimates from a number of companies and compare to find out which company is offering you the best deal.

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Ewan Hollander

Just sharing things that interest me in the hopes that they interest others as well

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